[Swipe & Deploy] Online Ad Templates To Find Sellers Before Their Properties Go To The Bank

Online ad templates are a vital tool in the digital marketing toolkit of any business, especially for virtual real estate investors.

Creating effective online ads is essential for promoting your products and services and reaching your target audience.

If you have a good online ad template, it can help institutions increase visibility, attract new customers, and improve conversion rates.

I’ve shared some awesome swipe and deploy goodies with you, all for direct mail campaigns:

Those pieces have all been time-tested and proven to work… they’re very effective for me in my pre-bank marketing efforts.

Creating Effective Online Ads

Now, I want to share a couple of my time-tested online ad templates that have also been very effective with pre-bank marketing. They may seem deceptively simple, but each is very well-thought-out.

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Online Ad Template #1


Description automatically generated

So this one is short and sweet. It’s particularly useful online, like on Craigslist. (I’ll share the helpful ad code with you at the bottom of this post that ensures the ad can fit in the small CL space.) 

With limited space to work with, we need to choose our words carefully.

And that’s what’s unique about this. It’s strong messaging that is very compact and can fit into a small area.

BTW: If it’s a really big market, Craigslist may charge a nominal fee to place your ad. But in some of the smaller markets, they often don’t.

With Craigslist, you have to keep your ads “above the fold.” You have to ‘refresh’ your ad every so often. 


Change the copy a little bit, so it’s not exactly the same. That way, the algorithm doesn’t ‘think’ it’s the same ad and reject it.

For example, you could change up on ad #1 like this: “Sell your house for a fair price on the date of your choice without doing any repairs.”

It’s quite a few words, but it says a lot and really hits a lot of hot buttons. 

So, when you repost ads, make sure they’re substantively different.

Online Ad Template #2

Text, application

Description automatically generated

Same here with this ad: right to the point with few words.

One important thing I will point out, though, is that using the copy exactly as it’s presented requires you to have a website.

If you don’t have a website, put your phone number, and then say “call or text.” You could also put your email address. 

You’re giving the respondent their choice of methods to get in touch with you. That’s good.

The differences between these online ad templates

So, the second online ad template is ideal for reposting because you don’t have to write any copy, it’s substantively different from ad 1, and Craigslist is unlikely to pick up the fact that it’s the same thing and reject your posting.

Also, did you notice that one ad says “I buy houses” and the other says “We Buy houses”?

That’s because there’s a difference in how people respond to “I” vs “We.”

Check this out…

I had the opportunity to buy both “I Buy Houses.com” and “We Buy Houses.com” simultaneously. They were the same amount of money — a lot of money. And I purposely chose Ibuyhouses.com because I’ve always felt in my gut that “I buy houses” is more friendly, more personable… and “We buy houses” sounds a little more corporate and like “we’re going to swindle you”.

There you go!

Not 1 but 2 time-tested, proven versions of online ad templates that have worked well for me and for people I’ve shared them with. Which now includes you! (Lucky, you.) 

So, take a look and see below for the ads and their codes.

You know what to do now… swipe and deploy!


Cam Dunlap

Online Listing #1


Description automatically generated

<h3>I Buy Houses</h3>

Any area, any condition, any price range. <br />

<b>Fast hassle free closing!</b><br />

For more information, check out our site!<br /><br />

<b></b> <br /><br /><br />

(Use the code above to place an ad on any site that allows HTML or post directly on Craigslist!)

Online Listing #2

Text, application

Description automatically generated

<h3>We Buy Houses</h3>

We pay <b>cash for houses</b> in any condition!<br />

Have a <b>hassle free</b> fast home sale!<br />

Visit our site for more information!<br /><br />

<b></b> <br /><br /><br />

(Use the code above to place an ad on any site that allows HTML or post directly on Craigslist!)

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