Cam’s Proven Seller Postcard For A 100% Open Rate

Did you know that a seller postcard is proven to get a 100% open rate?

I’ll explain how in a minute, but first I’d like to talk about the 3 levels of opportunity in the bank foreclosure arena, specifically pre-bank foreclosures, which is also known as pre-foreclosures, where the bank foreclosure is looming

What does that mean?

Well, it means that an owner is significantly behind on their mortgage payments — they’re a defaulted borrower but still own the property. The bank does not have possession of the property. This pre-foreclosure stage happens before a sale.

There’s also a pre-list foreclosure, aka bank foreclosure. These properties are not yet listed on the MLS. They happen somewhere in the weeks/months between the foreclosure auction and the live MLS listing.

And the 3rd opportunity level is the post-list foreclosure / REO = real estate owned. Basically, the bank foreclosed on the property and owns it. Plus, it’s already MLS listed by a local Realtor.

You can find these types of sellers and even identify the hottest neighborhoods across the country through the Motivated Seller Data Feed. This is the system I use to reveal ultra-motivated sellers with different levels of motivations, such as bank foreclosures.

My Gift To You

So, what am I giving away that you can swipe and deploy in your own REI business?

My proven seller postcard.

I’ve used this postcard in my own business for years to market to highly motivated sellers like those explained above, and we’ve had great success with it. I’m happy to share it here, but to be clear, I’ve only given these to my students up until now. 

So, congratulations! 

You’re getting something that people typically have to pay for. 

Let’s briefly check out some highlights…

Seller Postcard Front

Seller Postcard Back

What’s So Great About This Postcard? Point One…

It’s generic in the way we’re approaching the seller. We aren’t suggesting that we know what’s motivating them, even though we might or we do

You’ll have more success with that approach because the seller won’t appreciate you knowing things about their personal business even if they are on the public record. So, there’s nothing to be gained from sharing with the seller what a great sleuth you are and how much you’ve dug up on them.

The seller postcard is strategically and deliberately ambiguous.

One reason for that is because the content is on the outside, there’s no envelope to open. In direct mail marketing, when you send a letter, there is a metric called an open rate. We want the open rate to be as high as possible. And we do things to get the recipient to open the envelope so they can see what’s inside.

With a postcard, you eliminate the open rate — it’s already ‘open.’ While we don’t eliminate the possibility of them throwing it in the trash, we do eliminate the possibility of them throwing it in the trash and not knowing what’s in it for them — what we can do for them.

Look, we all sort our mail over the trash or recycling. And if I can clearly see from an envelope that’s selling me something, it’s marketing something, chances are 90% that I’m going to drop in the recycling and not even look at it to process it.

So, the beauty of a postcard is it’s already open when it arrives…therefore, has a 100% open rate.

What’s So Great About This Postcard? Point Two…

You’ll notice where your website and phone number will go on the seller postcard, as well as your return address and name. 

We’ve effectively given the recipient more than one way to respond — both from the front and the back of the postcard. They can call us, text us, go to our website or send us a letter. 

We always want to give the recipient choices in how they respond, so they can respond in their preferred method.

Swipe & Deploy

Now, all you gotta do is copy and paste the postcard details above, customize it, and then mail ‘em out!

Let me know in the comments if you use this seller postcard or have used it in the past! I’d love to hear about your success.


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7 thoughts on “Cam’s Proven Seller Postcard For A 100% Open Rate

I am very interested in what you have to offer

I think the Seller Postcard will be very eye catching for individuals who have gotten themselves into a financial nightmare, so to speak, or have a home or property they’ve inherited, but can’t do anything with it. This Postcard will save them the time of having to think about where to start their search for the right buyer and everything we can do, that they don’t have to do, is explained right there in BOLD black letters.
I’m definitely going to send it out in my search toward my FIRST DEAL and all the ones that follow. Thank you Cam..

I’m very interested, however, I just don’t know where to start. I am going to try the Postcards and see. Wish me luck.

Thank you


I enrolled in Cam’s program less than one week ago and I already got my first “No- I don’t want to sell my house.” But like Cam said, you just ignore the NOs and just continue down the list. So I am doing a combination of letter, phone calls and yellow cards when I get them, and I do want to get them (by the way, how do you get them? I have a 500 name, address, and phone list of motivated sellers and I know there’s gotta be some deals in there.

Great Card! Why I think it is? Because it doesn’t really point out that you know they are in trouble. I’ve been in them shoe’s. I have piles of them cards. I saved them for two reasons. Some are my cash buyers and I plan to try the one’s that I thought were best. I also received many calls. Most were well taught, somewhat empathetic and less than few seemed sympathetic and / or very nervous. I liked the ones that kept it fast and simple with a gentle voice or even nervous shaky voice. Which I believe to be new at it. So I would say, “come on man don’t be nervous. No one can jump through the phone keep it up you’ll get the hang of it, and it’ll get easier. lol then I would say, Nope I don’t want to sell my home and I’m in the same business you are.” lol Very interesting to know and listen to the scripts, the opening’s the replies. And sometimes the surprise from those with experience.

Thanks for posting your latest message Cam, very insightful. I would love to use the Postcard method to start my Real Estate Investing journey. I’m in the process of acquiring a list of Motivated Sellers to mail to. Thanks again Cam.

I like this postcard, and think it’s a great tool. However, I’m such a newbie I need to find out the beginning of the beginning first!

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