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If you are serious & want to cut out all the trial and error and learn from professionals who work in the field everyday, then you need to signup and attend this one day training now! I loved the interaction with the trainer and the LIVE seller calls!
A. Jimenez
This software training was inspiring; thank you so much for putting on the event. It was great to meet your team! This is the best training that I have ever received from all of the 10 seminars that I have taken. I'm delighted to say that I've finally found the perfect fit!
G. Wilson
The one day training was well worth it. The team did a great job! There were lots of opportunities to ask questions and not feel like a dumbo! Great training!!
C. Padgett-Lugo
The best thing about this event is going through the process of using the available tools and all the software functionality, seeing how to work a deal from beginning to end and hearing how you communicated with buyers and sellers LIVE!
S. Morris

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Stephanie W.
Fresh off Cameron Dunlap’s Chicago Rapid Results Investor Summit, I have flipped!! I thought the original iFlip was the bees knees, but I have flipped over the new iFlip 2.0! I am so excited to use this cutting-edge technology that allows us to systematize and track all of our leads. The extraordinary value brought to us at Cam’s seminar was without question the highest of quality I’ve experienced – and I’ve experienced many others!! Phenomenal, inspiring, professional, knowledgeable and fun, Cameron and his staff and associates are extraordinary, and I am honored to be associated with such a high-integrity group of inpiduals. I am so excited to have integrated iFlip 2.0 into my life, and even more important, the Cameron Dunlap Power Team. I say, Quit Tripping and Start iFlipping!!!
Margie D.
We got 3 properties under contract in the first week of marketing to the VHDF. We’ve sent 350 postcards, got a 8% response rate and 3 deals under contract!
Ron & Julie P.
Cameron helped me prove to myself that when we know how to apply our real-estate knowledge in structuring deals, money is never an issue. Thanks to his transactional funding, we were able to close today, finally, and generate $11,225.44 in revenue.

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