This Is Your Exclusive Invitation To Work Directly With Me On A Monthly Basis So You Can Do More Real Estate Deals & Cash More Checks Fast!


"We Made an Extra $5,000"

"I just wanted to write you a quick thank you for your guidance on one of my deals. We called in on one of the conference calls several weeks ago and you urged us to raise the asking price of the house we were selling by $5,000. Well we raised the price and found a buyer who happily put a $15,000 cash down payment on the house. We still have another $13,000 profit built in when he cashes us too. By the way, with the extra $5,000 profit, we’ll be able to pay our annual Inner Circle dues for many, many years to come. It’s money very well spent."

Matt & Kim V.

"I Got A Great Deal!"

"Well Cam, I did it, here it is less than a month from getting started and I got a great deal! The ARV is $60,000, the repairs are $7,000 (and that’s high) and I offered $26,500 and it’s a Bank Repo. As you know my maximum allowable offer is $35,000. It took two offers before the bank accepted it but I stayed right at $26,500 both times. I guess that made me look like a professional (ha ha). Thanks again."

Michael G.
New York

"A Great Resource For The Months To Come!"

"I just joined the inner circle and attended my first conference call. I really enjoyed it, and I can see that it will be a great resource for me in the months to come. I learned a great deal not only from the call, but the online chat afterwards.

I especially appreciated the way you showed consideration for us “newbie” investors by re-directing the conversation (more than once) away from some fairly esoteric issues and back toward a broader, more “novice friendly” line of questioning. That impressed me, as I can only presume you would much rather be answering the more interesting questions you haven’t already answered a thousand times. Thanks for putting together this very cool website and making yourself available to beginners like myself."

Mike L.