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Meet Cameron

Cameron Dunlap

My name is Cameron Dunlap, and I’m glad you’ve made it here today.

I’m a husband, father, real estate investor and entrepreneur that’s been buying, selling, funding, rehabbing, managing and developing properties, both residential and commercial, full time since 1993.

I’ve participated in hundreds and hundreds of deals, made millions of dollars along the way, and I’m nowhere near done. In fact, I’ll never be done. I love this business and will always be active in it. It’s my passion.

I have developed and perfected tools and systems to make doing the business easier and more profitable. These systems allow me and my clients to leverage technology, the internet and the right people, so that the work is largely done for us. When you use the tools and systems I’ve developed in your real estate investing business, they will provide you with more than just a lot of money, but time and freedom too!

Real estate has quite literally changed my life. It’s allowed me to live large and enjoy many of my passions in life, including racing cars and flying airplanes!

Today, with the support of my wife, daughter and the help of an amazing team, I continue to invest in real estate full time.

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Meet The Team

“If you put your customers first, the revenue will follow”, a philosophy preached to Cameron by his entrepreneur father, is the foundation of our company. We firmly believe in the happiness and success of every one of our clients, and it is because of this philosophy, that our clients are thriving in every way imaginable.

Over the past 20+ years, I have carefully handpicked a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and resourceful staff members that are committed to helping you achieve success in your real estate business. It is because of this team that I’ve been able to continue to invest in real estate full time, all while still running several other very successful companies.

Real Estate Wealth Network Staff

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing innovative, world class products and superior support that make a difference in our customers' lives. By seeing their successes and learning how they feel about them, we are constantly motivated to grow and improve everything we do.

The customer always comes first. Period.

When you get to know us, you’ll quickly learn that everyone on our team follows the core value of “the customer always comes first.” We see our customers as the most important part of our business, and that’s why we have our own extremely dedicated and knowledgeable client support team right here under our roof. NOT overseas like the other guys.

Our number one goal is to make sure that YOU have all the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Community Involvement

Not many people know this about me, but years ago when my daughter was born, she was so excited to meet her mother and I, that she entered the world weeks before she was due. She was the most special, little thing that we’ve ever seen. Her premature delivery meant she was tiny. In fact, she was so small that she could easily fit within the palm of my hand…I will never forget those moments.

I’ll also never forget the good people at the Ronald McDonald house that gave us everything we required during such a trying time in our family’s history.

That experience has never left me.

Today, I give back any way I can through the support of the Ronald McDonald House and by lending my special skills and abilities, like flying for great organizations like Angel Flight. Having the ability to give back to those who so desperately need it, as I once did, is one of the most humbling experiences of my life.

I also spend time helping local organizations and groups such as the Curtiss Museum, where I serve as a member on the Board of Trustees, and The Seaplane Pilots Association of America, where I am acting regional director.

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