Consider Using This Addendum When Making Offers To Sellers During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Wow. Times are changing and changing fast!

As real estate investors, we’re lucky to be able to do much of our work virtually or from home, but one thing that has become a major hurdle for most investors during the nationwide lockdown is TIME.

Most of our contracts bind us to a specific period of time for things within the contract that need to happen, like inspection periods, appraisals and more. This means that if you were to make an offer on a property today…the clock starts ticking.

…and what happens if the clock hits zero and you’re still couped up or all parties involved haven’t been able to do the things necessary to close?

One of the biggest fears for most investors is that they’ll get a deal under contract, but won’t be able to find a buyer and, during “stay at home” orders, those fears can easily

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Quarantine Edition: A Complete Guide To Virtual Real Estate Investing…From Your Kitchen Table (With No Money, Credit or Experience)

For the first time, the world has a common enemy. This enemy doesn’t come from some far off land or ideology.  It’s an enemy we all agree, we need to beat. Right now, more than ever before, we are dependent on each other.   People are suffering across the country (and the world) and the economy will be struggling for the foreseeable future.  BUT…There is hope. This hope is forged in the values we can enact right now. Hope forged by kindness, resilience, courage, respect and accountability. All the qualities that live within us and that make up our American Spirit. If we practice those things right now, this could be the pivotal moment that brings us all together. This virus can unify us all for the first time in centuries.  With every crisis, there

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Strategies For Your REI Marketing Budget That Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for REI marketing strategies that will bring in business without breaking the bank?

You’ve come to the right place!

The key here is to use both reactive and proactive marketing

Think of reactive marketing as your defense like football. Reactive marketing means that motivated sellers find and contact you (not your competitor) when they want to sell a property. The best way to make that happen is to have a strong website so that you come up on Google searches.

Proactive marketing is your offense. Proactive marketing means you’re pursuing motivated sellers who aren’t necessarily looking for your services. To keep your budget in line, you want to be strategic here and cold call or direct mail the right people in the right ways.

Always Give Options

Whatever marketing efforts you’re using (direct mail, social

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Announcing: “The Motivated Seller Data Feed” by Cameron Dunlap

Introducing a powerful new system that uses smart-technology to quickly identify up to 20 key motivational types… 

…and laser-target seller leads across the country like never before – without ever having to leave your desk!

December 2019 (eRelease) – Real Estate Wealth Network is very excited to announce the stand-alone release of our ground-breaking new system called the Motivated Seller Data Feed.

NOW AVAILABLE via monthly subscription – this powerful new system was developed by self-made real estate entrepreneur and real estate investing expert, Cameron Dunlap, and after two years of building, testing, tweaking and fine-tuning, he’s extremely excited & proud to share this ground-breaking technology for accessing millions of ultra-motivated sellers across the country which will allow it’s users to get more offers accepted and more deals done!

A few of the powerful tools & resources available inside The

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