Around ½ of My Deals Over The Years Have Come From This

Cam Dunlap here, about to kick off 2024 with a super helpful REI concept this Friday morning.

It’s something that’s frequently overlooked by most investors — they’re so focused on generating leads that they almost always miss the ball on this one.

Here it is: tapping into and monetizing the pile of profits that’s hiding in plain sight from all the leads who said, ”No” to your offer.

Let me be very clear — following up with sellers who said no to your offers can be immensely valuable. It’s an important lesson worth really wrapping your head around and today,

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Navigating The Corporate Transparency Act As A Real Estate Investor

Are you ready for the new Corporate Transparency Act?

On Jan. 1, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) became effective. Every new corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership and any entity whose existence is created by a filing with a Secretary of State in any state must file with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). 

…more than 32 million entities are estimated to be affected and YOU are likely one of

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Would You Do an ‘Open House’ For A Wholesale Deal?

Ok, I got a great question recently and I wanted to share it and the answer with you. It’s not often asked or talked about, which makes it perfect for a blog post!

So, the question is: Do you do showings — like an open house approach — when wholesaling?

See, interesting, right?!

Well, my answer: Not so much.

See, I might schedule to have two potential buyers at the house at the same time or overlapping, but… what I discovered a long time ago is

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Starting from Scratch in Real Estate: What I Would Do Differently…

Ponder this:

If you were starting from scratch in Real Estate, knowing what you know now, how would you begin?

Well, when I started, it was a lot like it is now… but interest rates were a lot higher. They were in the 9’s for a 30-year mortgage, and I don’t think we’ll ever get there. 

In fact, I think we’ll see a reversal in these interest rates sometime next year, maybe sooner, but we’ll have to wait and see. I think the Fed is going to fold, slow way down and maybe stop with the tightening and move

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