PART 2: Structuring Owner Financing Offers—with 0% Interest?!

This is the second of a two-parter that deals with structuring owner financing offers.. 

Be sure to check out Part 1, because I shared the clear, compelling reasons why owner financing offers make such good sense and the importance of always going for a win-win or no deal.

Assuming you’ve already read that, let’s continue the conversation…

I’m answering a question from one of our Inner Circle students, who asked:

“Could you discuss the terms and the best way to structure an owner financing offer? I know these work best when the

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PART 1: Structuring Owner Finance Offers—Win-Win or No Deal

Here’s a great question I heard from a student recently on one of our Inner Circle calls about owner finance offers: 

“Could you discuss the terms and the best way to structure an owner financing offer? I know these work best when the property is free and clear, but I’m a little unsure of how to determine the best terms.”

It’s an absolutely perfect question, but more than I should cover in a single post. So, I’m turning this into a two-parter.

In today’s edition, I’ll walk through why and how it makes such good sense to make clear, compelling

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Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-By-Step Overview

Wholesaling real estate doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, once you have the process down, it’s a relatively simple process that you can repeat over and over again, in as many markets as you choose.

Today our goal is to provide you with the steps for wholesaling real estate so you know exactly what steps are required to bring in your first or next profit check. This high-level overview is a great place to start so you can see where you’ll be going.

Let’s dig in…

Simple. To the Point. Highly Effective.

So here you go… a step-by-step, high-level

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The Vacant House Motivational “Trigger” You Never Knew About

I want to share something with you about a vacant house motivational trigger that I was recently reminded of… something that’s now so ingrained in my investing process that I sometimes forget to call it out. 

So, I was having a conversation with some mentorship students during our coaching session. Of course, we were talking about vacant house deals. I suddenly realized that something that comes second nature to me after all my years doing this… doesn’t necessarily mean its second nature for other investors.

What is it?

A Very Powerful Vacant House Motivational Trigger

It’s something that most sellers

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