The Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab: Session 8

Welcome to the 8th and FINAL session of the Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab!

In today’s last session, you are joined with real estate investing expert and entrepreneur, Cameron Dunlap, and Real Estate Wealth Network’s Chief Marketing Officer, Josh Brown to answer your most burning real estate questions.


I hope you enjoyed these LIVE sessions (I know we certainly did) and took home a bit of useful knowledge to help you crush this pandemic and find the success you deserve in your real estate business.

I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity to share any knowledge and expertise I can with you during these uncertain times and I appreciate every question, comment and thoughtful message I’ve received during these sessions.

Stay safe and healthy and please post your comments on this video below!

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Whiteboard Training (3 things you need to do more deals)

In today’s whiteboard video we’re going to break down the THREE things you need to be focusing on if you want to do more deals this year.


It’s called the REI Trifecta and on this short free training, I’ll explain why it’s necessary for you to win big year after year!

Plus… we’ll discuss what many investors consider to be their biggest challenge in this business right now (this one may surprise you)!

But WAIT…We’ve Got An Extra Exciting Announcement:

After 2 years of building, testing, tweaking and fine-tuning…I am extremely excited & proud to be sharing my ground breaking new system for doing more deals and cashing more checks in any market across the country!

You can watch this LIVE, FREE training here!

One thing is for sure…I’m doing everything in my power to

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Why No Fee Funding Is NOT Too Good To Be True

I’ve received this question more times than I can count…

“How is it possible to offer transactional funding with ZERO fees?”

I know, it sounds too good to be true or like puffery, but trust me…IT IS possible and I provide these funds to my students almost every day!

In the short video above, I explain…

  • Exactly how no fee funding is possible
  • Why I went from charging fees to offering ZERO fee transactional funding
  • How it has changed many of my students’ lives
  • And why I will never charge fees again!

After you’ve watched the video, please comment below and let me know your thoughts! How have your experiences with transactional funding been in the past? I love hearing your

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Deal Maker Interview – How a self-proclaimed “newbie” cold called his way to $22,609 in Profits!

It’s been awhile since my last deal maker interview, but that doesn’t mean the deals have stopped… In fact, we’ve been funding deals nearly every day (sometimes multiple times a day) to help our students complete their deals worry-FREE. I recently sat down with Ronnie Hok to learn how he went from cold calling an absentee owner to making $22,609 in profits! This is Ronnie’s first deal using our NO FEE transactional funding and you’ll notice when you listen in how excited he is to spread the word about the power of absentee owners! In this Deal Maker Interview, you’ll learn…

  • How building a connection can turn a total stranger into your next deal
  • How NO FEE funding is NOT too good to be true
  • How strategic rapport (and doing your homework) can give you the ammo needed to easily talk your seller into a YES!


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