Can “Short Title” Problems Kill Your Deal?

I got a question into my hotline recently, and I’d like to share the details with you, here in my blog.

The caller asked:

“What’s your advice on the easiest way to get a property under contract? I have a ‘ready’ buyer who’s pre-approved but has been having trouble getting a property under contract.”

Ok, let’s iron out a few details first…

First, I’m assuming the “ready” buyer who’s pre-approved is a retail buyer.


Because the client used the term pre-approved, which means the buyer is engaged with a lender — presumably, a conventional lender, and they’re looking to

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The “Rule of Seven” & How To Use It To Maximize Your Real Estate Investor Marketing

Struggling with lackluster results?

Are your marketing campaigns under performing?

Then…you’re going to love today’s training video. Josh Brown our Chief Marketing Officer is going to break down the “Rule of Seven” and how you can apply it to any area of your business and start seeing better results.

Enjoy and let us know below how you plan to implement the “Rule of

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Property’s Under Contract — Can the Seller Still Take a Higher Offer?

Hey there, Cam Dunlap here with a question I got recently on my coaching hotline… a caller asked:

“When a property house is under contract with a seller, is it possible that the seller could sign another contract with someone else who maybe makes a higher offer? And, do you register your contract with the title company or how do you prevent yourself from that scenario?”

Well, the answer is: Yes, they could do that, but(!) yours predates it and, therefore, technically nullifies that second one. 

So, when you have the property under contract, you have it under control. Now

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Around ½ of My Deals Over The Years Have Come From This

Cam Dunlap here, about to kick off 2024 with a super helpful REI concept this Friday morning.

It’s something that’s frequently overlooked by most investors — they’re so focused on generating leads that they almost always miss the ball on this one.

Here it is: tapping into and monetizing the pile of profits that’s hiding in plain sight from all the leads who said, ”No” to your offer.

Let me be very clear — following up with sellers who said no to your offers can be immensely valuable. It’s an important lesson worth really wrapping your head around and today,

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