Swipe & Deploy: Cam’s “OTHER” Proven Marketing Tool That Gets Motivated Sellers Calling FAST

In my last few posts, we talked about the significance a proven marketing tool can have on your real estate business.

I even let you fine folks swipe and deploy…

I also shared the 3 levels of opportunity in the bank foreclosure arena: pre-foreclosure, which happens before a sale; pre-list foreclosure happens in the weeks/months between the foreclosure auction and the live MLS listing; and the post-list foreclosure / REO (real estate owned), which is when the bank has foreclosed on the property, owns it and listed it on the MLS.

So, while normally we reserve this for our paid Real Estate Wealth Network clients, today I’m serving it up to you for FREE. Enjoy…

My OTHER Proven Marketing Tool

Sell Your House For A Fair Price, On The Date Of Your Choice, Without Doing Any Repairs!

{Your Name}
{Company Name}
{Company Address}


Dear {owner – first name} {owner – last name}:

Via the public record, I learned of your ownership of the property at {property – street} in {property – city}, and thought I would write to see if you would be interested in selling.

If you need to sell quickly and can’t afford (or don’t want to) pay thousands of dollars for real estate agent fees, then I may be just what you are looking for!  I’m confident I have a solution for you.

I purchase homes from folks just like you in a variety of situations with no fees or commissions.  I use private funds that require no long drawn out bank approvals, so I am able to close quickly.

I specialize in solving problems. If you are behind on payments, facing foreclosure, relocating, divorcing, liquidating an estate, tired of being a landlord, or just need to sell quickly, I can help!  It doesn’t matter what condition the home is in.

Contact me at your earliest convenience, so we can come up with a solution.


{Your Name}
{Company Name}
{Company Address}
{Your Email}
{Your Phone Number}

What’s So Great About THIS Proven Marketing Tool?

So, the thing that’s so great about this letter, as with the others, is that it’s a very generic approach — we aren’t suggesting we know anything personal about them… though we certainly might. 

Side Note: Those of you who have access to my Vacant House Data Feed or Motivated Seller Data Feed know exactly what’s motivating this person. So the idea is we may know, but we don’t let on that we know.

Again, this letter is intentionally and cleverly ambiguous in its insight as to the seller’s circumstances.

And then it knocks down their objections:

  • We can sell quickly. 
  • Doesn’t matter what condition the house is in. 
  • Multiple ways to respond — text, call, email, snail mail

The Importance Of A Good Headline

Now, another thing that I want to comment on is the headline on this letter. You could also put it on the envelope… it would make a great envelope teaser copy to enhance the open rate. 

This headline is extremely effective. 


Well, I used to write: “Sell fast for cash.” 

But a seller once said to me that it felt like I was putting pressure on her. It was at that moment that I realized that fast cash closings are not what every seller wants…

But to close on the date of their choice definitely is what every seller wants. So, we created the new headline… and it’s been kicking butt ever since.

There’s “Salesy”… And Then There’s “Overly Salesy”

I’d like to note that in contrast to the other letter I shared in my previous blog post… this one involves more clear, more deliberate salesmanship. In the other letter, it’s framed and toned in a very folksy way — there’s plenty of salesmanship in it, but it’s not obvious. 

This other letter is a more direct sales message, but(!) it’s also not sensationalistic. There are very few exclamation points or bold or underlining. And it doesn’t use a lot of the overt salesmanship tactics that people tend to think are necessary. 

So, it’s really just a matter of the kind of messaging that works best for you.

Split Testing And The Rule Of Seven

You might want to try split testing, sending both letters. 

You could send the other letter first, and then a month later send this letter to the same batch of leads, because the same person might respond to one but not the other. 

Heck, you could even do a triple split test with my proven postcard, too!

And keep this in mind: the rule of 7. That rule says that it takes seven touches to get the maximum amount of prospects to respond.

So, you’d want to send a letter, then a postcard and then another letter where the messaging is different… and then go back and repeat each of them again. What you’ll find is that process, in effect, is split testing. 

You’ll quickly learn which of your mail pieces gets a higher response rate. But also, remember that you wouldn’t want to send the same mail piece over and over again — different messaging is a good idea because not everybody responds to the same messaging. 

Final Thought On My Proven Marketing Tool

The sales copy used in this letter could be swapped out for a postcard and vice versa. So, if you get a better response rate to postcards, then use this copy on a postcard campaign. Bonus, if you have a tight marketing budget, postcards are less expensive to send than letters with envelopes.

Now, swipe and deploy this proven marketing tool below for your own REI business! And please let me know in the comments when it works for you!


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