Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-By-Step Overview

Wholesaling real estate doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, once you have the process down, it’s a relatively simple process that you can repeat over and over again, in as many markets as you choose.

Today our goal is to provide you with the steps for wholesaling real estate so you know exactly what steps are required to bring in your first or next profit check. This high-level overview is a great place to start so you can see where you’ll be going.

Let’s dig in…

Simple. To the Point. Highly Effective.

So here you go… a step-by-step, high-level overview of the steps required for you to close your first or next wholesale deal.

  • Create and implement a marketing plan to locate motivated sellers. Stay committed to your plan to create a steady stream of leads coming in from which you can pick and choose the best deals.

  • Build your investor buyers list. The power of this list is that you’ll sell deals quickly and often at over asking price! Remember – there is no such thing as a list that is too big!

  • Pre-qualify your seller calls to identify the truly motivated sellers where there is room to negotiate. Build rapport with the seller and pull as much information from them as you can to determine if there is a deal to be made. 

  • Determine your Maximum Purchase Price (MPP) ballpark range. You cannot begin to negotiate until you know your MPP. Always start by applying the formula.

  • Are you and the seller playing in the same ball field? Although you still have not seen the house, determine if the seller will work with your ballpark offer. No sense visiting the home if you are worlds apart in price.

  • You (or have someone) visit the house, take pictures, analyze repairs, and compare the property to the comps you chose. The internet is a great tool to get an idea of how the house looks on the exterior, but someone needs to go and get current pictures of the exterior and all of the interior. You’ll also need these later to market the property.

  • Revise your MPP based on this final data. Now that you have all of the information, zero in on the price you should pay to make this an enticing deal for your buyers.

  • Negotiate with the Seller. Remember to reiterate all the benefits of working with you; remind them of their motivation, and the pain that it is causing them, then fix their problem with your offer.
  • Get the contract signed and deliver earnest money. You and the seller can either sign in person, or use a digital signature service like DocuSign.

  • Assign or Double Close: Determine if you plan to assign the contract to your buyers; or if it is necessary to use a double close (e.g. closing in IL; buying a bank-owned property; earning too large of an Assignment Fee). If a double close is desired, then begin the process of obtaining our no-fee transactional funding (click here to learn how to get access to $1,000,000 in funding for your deals). It’s actually a good idea to read through the process as soon as possible so you can clear some of the steps ahead of time.

  • Prepare and distribute marketing to your buyers list. Provide all of the information your buyers will need to determine this is a great deal. Use the pictures you took of the house and of the comps. Like all marketing, repeat the message 5-7 times to achieve the greatest response rate.

  • Accept offers and select the best one. It is not just about price. You also want to assess their ability to close – show me the money! And of course, they need to be able to close before your contract expires with the seller.

  • Get the paperwork signed. Use a new Purchase & Sales Agreement with your buyer if you are doing a double close (you’ll be the seller); or an Assignment of Contract if assigning the contract.

  • Collect the non-refundable earnest money. This is where the rubber meets the road and you discover if you have a real buyer or not. A real buyer will be happy to provide the earnest money deposit. Let your closing agent hold the funds in escrow – it will make everyone more comfortable.

  • Obtain their Proof of Funds. They said they have access to money, this is where they actually Show You The Money. Get proof of 100% of the funds required. For instance, if they are getting a hard money loan for 90% of the purchase price, they need to prove they have the necessary 10% plus points, plus closing costs.

  • Set up closing with the closing agent. Make sure that the closing gets scheduled well in advance and that all of the parties know the time and place.

  • Follow-up to ensure everything is done on the buyer’s side for closing. Sure, your buyer should be a professional, but often they are not. Making sure everything is done will ensure a smooth closing and your payday!

  • Close the deal. Unless it is a double closing, you are not even a part of the closing. With an assignment, the buyer steps into your shoes and fulfills your responsibilities with the seller.

  • DEPOSIT YOUR PROFIT! The best part of the whole process – YOUR PAYDAY! You can get a check, but a wire transfer into your account is your safest and quickest option.

  • Repeat – Repeat – Repeat. Now that you’ve completed this wholesale deal, keep it going to become a transaction engineer. This is the cash locomotive for your business.

And That’s Wholesaling Real Estate 

There you have it.

You now have a bird’s eye view of the wholesaling process. Scroll back to the top of this page, put it to work for yourself and watch the profits keep rolling in.

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Your Take

Tell me, what step are you most looking forward to when it comes to wholesaling real estate? Which step do you need more help with? Let us know in the comments!

Expect Abundance,

Lou Castillo | Mentor – Real Estate Wealth Network

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8 thoughts on “Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-By-Step Overview

I need more help with finding a buyer

what form do you use for selling whole sale to retail buyers, and what restrictions from the lender do you foresee to close?

A typical purchase and sale agreement will do. The lender may take issue with “short title” because the seller, you, do not yet hold title. You’ll take title the day of closing both transactions and therefore will have held it for a very short period of time when you transfer it to the buyer.

On occasion we fund a deal when this is the case and the lender is ok with it, but unfortunately is the exception rather than the rule. In other words, it rarely works.

What’s the solution? Use a private lender to fund the deal so you can hold the title for 90-120 days before selling it to the buyer. What may help is to sell the house on a lease option to the buyer immediately after taking title and have them move in. Then you’re collecting income during that hold time, the buyer is “settling in” and not getting distracted by, or interested in other properties than yours during that hold time. Buyers are fickle.

Another solution is for the buyer to pay cash. They would have the option to do a HELOC later to pull their cash back out if they choose. The challenge is that when you’re dealing with entry level houses, which is what I suggest, the buyers rarely have the ability to pay cash.

I hope this helps.


I’m new to the wholesaling world, I don’t have any idea or way on how to start with this.

this property is listed with a real estate agent priced@ 205000.00 price dropped to185000.00 seller will sale property for 145000.00, I’m planning to offer 135000.00_140000.00. property is listed as is. On the proof of funds letter < it listed my name. What do I put on the contract for buyer,my LLC name or my name as trustee?? Please advise.

Please contact my customer support team directly for help with this.


I find two things that make working with REWN a real asset: (1) the customer service is second to none. I have worked with other RE companies and their customer service does not even come close to REWN and (2) the additional tools help make this business make sense. I have been in real estate for years but new to wholesaling and plan on making this my primary source of income. I believe REWN is the right company to make my dream a reality.

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