Whiteboard Training (3 things you need to do more deals)

In today’s whiteboard video we’re going to break down the THREE things you need to be focusing on if you want to do more deals this year.


It’s called the REI Trifecta and on this short free training, I’ll explain why it’s necessary for you to win big year after year!

Plus… we’ll discuss what many investors consider to be their biggest challenge in this business right now (this one may surprise you)!

But WAIT…We’ve Got An Extra Exciting Announcement:

After 2 years of building, testing, tweaking and fine-tuning…I am extremely excited & proud to be sharing my ground breaking new system for doing more deals and cashing more checks in any market across the country!

You can watch this LIVE, FREE training here!

One thing is for sure…I’m doing everything in my power to ensure YOU WIN BIG and this brand new, intelligence-based system is just the ticket.


Cameron Dunlap

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6 thoughts on “Whiteboard Training (3 things you need to do more deals)

I am an old mobile home guy. Did home land deals early 80s.
I now buy and sell and hold to rent. I am always excited about learning something new.

Fantastic looking forward to the new training!!!!

Very excited about this new upcoming REI Trifecta training/tool! Anxiously looking forward to learn more and grow with Cam & Team!

Hi Cameron,
I’ve been spinning my wheels and just missing deals to fall into the 65% ARV – repairs = MAO. Man, I’ve been missing out for a couple years now. Each time I go to pursuit angle the pre-foreclosures life happens and I’m the one that ends up distressed. I think about the irony in this and feel like a monk doing fasting or laying on a bed of nails. I feel the pain. Thanks for the new tools. The vacant house, POF, comps and other tools work great. Thank you, Joe

Let’s see what it looks like,hope it’s different from the other systems out there!

Cam, great job as always on the cutting edge.

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