This is my passion…plain and simple (An honest conversation with Cam)


I often get asked “Cam, why do you still do this business?”

The truth is… I LOVE it!

…and in this video I’m going to pull back the curtain and share a few very exciting new updates that have me more excited today than ever before.

The real estate investing world is about to get turned on it’s head.

…a BIG change is HERE (it’s been over 2 years in the making).

Struggling investors are about to find themselves knee-deep in profitable deals!

Experienced investors are about to enjoy the ability to cherry pick and scale like never before (in as many markets as they choose)!

And most importantly, new investors are going to find it easier than ever before to go from wet behind the ears to closed deals and profit checks in hand.

This sounds like puffery, I know…but it’s the truth.

I’m so excited I can barely sit still because this is a game changer like I’ve never seen before.

And It’s Finally LIVE! Click Here To Join The Training NOW!

IF you’re ready to work smarter (not harder)…

IF you’re hungry to make this your best year ever…

…Then comment “I’m ready” below now and tell me what your “why“ is. Share why it is you do what you do and let’s make this year something special.

I personally read and respond to all blog post comments and I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say!


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12 thoughts on “This is my passion…plain and simple (An honest conversation with Cam)

I’m ready. My immediate why is to quit my day job and control my time. Ultimately, I want financial freedom for myself & my wife who has worked all her adult life.

I’m ready
I do what I do because I want to care for my mother who has had 2 strokes, I want to build a business, legacy to pass on to our 2 daughters. My wife resigned from her 6 figure job as a HR Director to work in the business full time. I want to build a financial life that we can be examples that it doesn’t matter where or how you start, it matters where and how you finish.

I’m Ready!!!

I turn 60 this year and for the past several years I have been teaching ( I rebuilt their business to market rates) the business to owners of the company I work for. I have been in my profession for 20+ years and they have been in business for 4 years. They make the real money (and tax breaks) while I get a salary from them. So, while my salary is a good one (one I am grateful and blessed to be paid) it has really been my knowledge and experience that has allowed them to be prosperous.

Cameron’s Team help take a step of faith and expand my wings so I can fly for my family and then in turn help others.

Cam, I can’t wait to hear about these new updates. I have been working with Todd for awhile now and I know what you have will be a positive force to helping my wife and I get our first wholesale deal under contract.

Yes, this is a great message and I am looking forward to working with you closer than ever in this real estate business! I’m sure you have a lot more organized material to share with us and new ”tricks” on the horizon! Just can’t wait to get started on this latest and new adventure! Keep them coming! Sincerely, Richar Hays 02:/28/19.

I love the Cam Fam! I appreciate all the amazing tools we have available to us through the system. Anyone including me who isn’t doing more deals really doesn’t want it bad enough because all the tools necessary are here so if we have all the tools it’s a matter of putting in the work. Nothing good or worth while comes without concentrated effort. I’m definitely happy to be a beta tester of the new tool you will be rolling out soon. Thanks again.

I have been ready for awhile and have tried so many things that haven’t worked, and wasted so much time and money ~~ my why is being of value in this world and helping as many people as I can who are living hopeless and helpless lives~~

I’m definitely ready!
My why is to have financial freedom. I look forward never to work another nine to five job again for someone else. Once I do numerous deals, I would do the upgrades that my mom wants done to her home. Finally, take my family on a much needed vacation & to continue to be a blessing to people what are less fortunate then me.

My “WHY” is very big…starting with I need a financial stability and be able to take care of my Parents and disable brother providing in home care, also would prefer to have a daughter and son to join what I dreamed of doing since many years and hoping to see the the Legacy will be carried on. what my (Mentor) Grandfather started in India whom I never got the chance to see but extremely thankful for his hard work made our life very happy and comfortable along with many other people. It’s now or never for me as I just turned 62 last November. Ready, Ready, Ready to do whatever needs to be done!

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