Why No Fee Funding Is NOT Too Good To Be True

I’ve received this question more times than I can count…

“How is it possible to offer transactional funding with ZERO fees?”

I know, it sounds too good to be true or like puffery, but trust me…IT IS possible and I provide these funds to my students almost every day!

In the short video above, I explain…

  • Exactly how no fee funding is possible
  • Why I went from charging fees to offering ZERO fee transactional funding
  • How it has changed many of my students’ lives
  • And why I will never charge fees again!

After you’ve watched the video, please comment below and let me know your thoughts! How have your experiences with transactional funding been in the past? I love hearing your stories!


Cameron Dunlap

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18 thoughts on “Why No Fee Funding Is NOT Too Good To Be True

I think that is phenomenal. I’ve tried them so-called lenders and have been burnt for alot of money. How can I be apart of this.


I would like more information on your no fee funding.



Hello! Nice concept!

What is the ‘one time fee’ mentioned in your video?


I’m interested in hearing more details about your package offer. Please contact me.


How refreshing to get no fee funding and can’t wait to hear all about the brand new program ! I know I need your help to succeed.

Thank you !

Thanks Cam. Loved the short video. How can I find out more details and be a part of the “no fee funding” program?

Under our current program we fund up to $1,000,000.

For info on that program and the one time fee please call my office at 607-936-2200.

Awesome idea! I would also like to know how much is the one time fee?

Hi Scott. Please call my office for information. 607-936-2200

Hi Cam!
good information. What’s the one time charge?

Hi Ann. Please call my office for information. 607-936-2200

Hi Cam,
I have been following you and had been active and inactive with the program. I joined TRIFECTA and ready to dedicate my time but still not retired so can not go to NJ. I still have questions. Is there a person I could talk to? Thanks for your help.

Hi Georgie. Please call my office for information. 607-936-2200

I’m interested in more information. Please advise as to what the program will cost. Thanks a bunch!

Awesome idea. This is great stuff in the real estate business. I am going to stick with you.

Thanks for the info./resources .
This is right on time.
I was waiting to come up with the money for the fees to
borrow money from a private lender.

Man, just the thought of doing deals without paying upfront fees.
I’m dreaming real big around about now…

This is God send!
I just signed up and cannot wait to get started.

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