Selling houses wholesale

If you’re in the business of wholesaling houses to other investors, rehabbers or landlords, there are lots of ways to get them sold fast. I will cover a few of them here, but what is critical to the process, is that you must sell cheap. Investor/rehabber/landlord buyers don’t buy if they are not getting a GREAT deal. So, if you hold out for top dollar on your wholesale deals, you are likely to be very disappointed. In fact if you don’t sell cheap, the following strategies will do you no good, what-so-ever.

So, with the understanding that you’re going to

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Strategies and clarification on funding real estate deals

I’m sitting quietly in my office thinking about a few Real Estate Deals I’m working on and was going through the different funding sources that are available to me for them, when I thought I’d write up a quick blog post and bring you up to speed on them and some late breaking important news.

I just got a land deal accepted and all the due diligence taken care of, including some environmental issues. This one is ready to fund and close and I’m excited about it because it’s a really good deal.

I’ve also got a few residential deals

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Kansas Investor Closes 12 Deals Using MY FUNDING

I’m really excited about some of the recent Deal Maker Club calls I’ve been doing with my students. I’ve been interviewing some of my student customers that I’ve funded deals for recently and I am pumped about how well they’ve been doing. I can’t wait to do more!

The successes, challenges, and “Ah-ha” moments are so real and raw that I actually had an “Ah-ha” moment of my own….why not SHARE these calls? We all know that we learn from others’ experiences as well as our own, right?

Actually, I’m hoping that a few things will come from me sharing

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