Coming Soon – iFlip 2.0’s Upgraded Features

Cam Dunlap here with some BIG news about iFlip 2.0.

After months and months of development and testing, iFlip 2.0 is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited about it. iFlip 2.0, with the enhanced features, is the premiere CRM and Business Management Platform for Real Estate Investors.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the features members will enjoy in the NEW iFlip 2.0 platform:

Complete Real Estate Business Automation
The Ultimate CRM and Business Management Software Platform for Real Estate Investors.  Manage your entire investing business including your deals, buyers, sellers, lenders, rehabs, birddogs and more, all with ease.

Unparalleled Client Support
We see our customers and the experience they have with us as the most important part of our business. That’s why we have our own in-house, extremely dedicated and knowledgeable Client Support Team right here under our roof ready to assist you via phone, email, live chat or screen share. We do not outsource or send jobs over seas.  We do not trust the most important part of our business to ANYONE else.

Mobile Anywhere/Anytime Access
With mobile access you can easily and conveniently run your entire business on the go form an ipad, tablet, or smartphone. This gives you the freedom to roam the world without every losing control of your business. Not only does iFlip build an army of deal finders for you, but now they can send you deals in real time, right from their cell phones!

Fast Track Buyers List
You’ll easily build a huge list of eager motivated buyers in your target market, or nationwide, then be able to communicate with them easily using our proprietary email broadcast and auto-responder system. We also provide users with motivated buyers in their area that come in through our national ad campaign, for free!

Direct Mail Campaign Manager
With a few clicks of your mouse, choose the letter or postcard from one of our many proven templates (or customize your own) and send direct mail to cash buyers, private lenders, buyers, bird dogs, sellers, lease option buyers and more, all at our low direct cost!  It’s really that simple. (Mailed through our personal 3rd party mail house – at our direct (preferred client) cost. This is not a profit center for us.)

Cash Buyer, Seller and Private Lender Lead Integration
Fully integrated access to your Cash Buyer Data Feed, Private Lender Data Feed and accounts.  These services require additional (although extremely affordable) fees. There are NO other additional fees for ANYTHING else on this list.

Easy Website Builder
Create professional looking, optimized websites that attract buyers, sellers, lenders and bird dogs. Choose from over 100 templates or upload your own custom logo, if you prefer. No technical knowledge or expertise is required to have a significant internet presence, plus you can customize or change your web sites any time you’d like.

Deal Flow System
By using our proprietary Deal Flow System, your deals flow through the steps from Lead to Paycheck automagically. You’ll always know where every deal stands, what you need to do next, and you’ll be able to see exactly how your business is doing at all times. You’ll be able to see where weak and strong points are in your business so you can correct and exploit them for bigger profits. This piece alone is a monumentally powerful tool.

Email Broadcaster
Send custom emails to your iFlip contact lists instantly, or schedule for a later date.  This includes bird dogs, buyers, sellers, lease option buyers and other contacts.  Communicate with many in the time it takes to compose one message! This is what web experts do each and every day. Now you can too without needing to be an expert.

Advanced Email Marketing System
With our smart auto-responder technology, you can easily and quickly create automated email marketing campaigns designed to increase response from leads and bring in more dollars, more efficiently.  Choose from done for you template email messages or customize your own. Auto-Responders are like little robots that put your email marketing on total autopilot! They’re working while you’re doing what ever you want.

Video Tutorial Library
With just a click, you can easily learn from any of our 30+ tutorial videos that will walk you through every aspect of the iFlip system. You’ll find the videos strategically located throughout the system, right where and when you need them.

Marketing Template Library
There are dozens of proven letter and post card templates you can use with the Direct Mail Manager, Self Mailer Module or Email Marketing System.  You can also create and customize your own templates and save them in the system for future use!

Simple Domain Management
Manage your domains easily so your web sites are up and working for you.  Whether you need new domains or are using ones you already own, the iFlip domain manager makes it easy to be in control.

‘Smart’ Calendar and Task Manager
These tools allow you to easily add new tasks, manage deal flow and optimize your business, plus you can set up text and email reminders that automatically notify yourself or others. In Real Estate, follow up is key. This feature set will turn you into a follow up, deal making machine.

Web Form Generator
Use this simple tool to start building unlimited custom lists online, while seamlessly organizing this data within your iFlip account.

Self Mailer Module
Want to do it yourself?  Now, you’ll have the ability to print and mail your own marketing pieces as desired. If you’ve got a kid that needs more to keep him/her busy… put them to work stuffing envelopes!

Rehab Project Manager
Now, you can easily manage your rehab deals within iFlip, estimate repair costs, manage funding, track expenses, upload before/after photos of the property and even print a detailed summary when the deal is done.

Credibilty Kit Creation
Ever wonder how you could be more convincing when you’re first meeting with a Realtor, a lender, a seller, a buyer, etc.?  Show them  your Credibility Kit!  It will, after all, give you tremendous credibility.  With iFlip 2.o you can create and print a summary of any and every deal you do, and put it right in your Credibility Kit. Watch it get bigger and bigger as you do more and more deals, with ease, using iFlip as your Real Estate Business Management Software Platform.

Social Media Blitz
With the click of a button, you can now share your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and 48 other social media websites.

Offer Generator
Use this powerful software tool to instantly calculate the maximum allowable offer and many other important metrics on any property.  You’ll have all the numbers you need to ensure a good decision and  maximum profit!

Bird Dog Territory Management
Assign specific territories to your bird dogs using an intuitive point and click interface to select a customizable area you want each bird dog to operate within.

eMarketing Statistics
Whether you send an email to a single lead or to an entire list, you can now get up to the minute tracking information so you always know how your eMarketing is performing.

Custom Comp Tool
Access our custom comparable data analyzer to find the most reliable and realistic comps for your deals in seconds.

Marketing History
All of your past direct mail, self mailer and email marketing campaigns are saved, so you can retrace your steps and easily replicate effective marketing initiatives.

Unlimited Websites
Do you invest in more than one area?  Easily setup multiple websites for any type of lead in any market. This will turn you into a multi-city, deal making machine!

1-Click Deal Syndication
When you’re ready to sell, with a couple clicks, you can push your property information to our expansive network of over 30 national listing and classified sites, including Craig’s List and other top sites.

Offer Blaster
Just click and the Offer Blaster will easily send out email and/or fax offers on single or multiple properties for you! With this you will robo-send offers in volume so that you do more deals.  After all, the more offers you make, the more paychecks you cash!

Multi-User Support
Give your team members their own access to your iFlip system without sharing your private login information. Then, if they misbehave… cut them off!

Community Discussion Forum
Instantly tap into the collective genius of the iFlip user community at any time. Ask your questions, network or lend a helping hand to others. There’s nothing quite like “giving back” and helping others get what they want.

Document Library & Storage
Access a library of forms and contracts needed for your real estate business and upload your own custom documents too.  You also have the ability to upload unlimited specific deal related documents and “attach” them to each respective deal. This will keep you SO organized and you’ll always have the docs at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Contact Management
Easily store and find contact information with a fully integrated management system that connects your contacts to specific tasks, jobs, deals, leads and more. This will keep you organized and looking like a pro!

Unlimited Email Accounts
Create unlimited custom email accounts for yourself, your VA’s or employees, your spouse, your kids, anyone you want,  in seconds. When your email address is you will build your “brand”; not someone else’s!  If you’re sold on Gmail or another service, let us help you set up a forwarder so you can continue to use that outside service, while sending and receiving from

Website Analytics
Gain the insight you need to make smarter decisions with real time statistics for all of your websites. You’ll know how many visitors you have and where they’re coming from. This info with unlimited web sites will allow you to fully leverage the power of the internet.

Industry Leading Affiliate Program
As a member of iFlip you’ll have the opportunity to easily share it with others and get paid. We’ll do all the selling, customer support and provide you with proven plug-and-play marketing materials so you can start generating monthly passive income with iFlip in the fastest time possible.

Easy To Use Authority Building Blogs
Easily add fresh, personalized content to any of your iFlip websites with an authority building blog. Simply click a button to add a blog to any of your websites, so you can create customized content for birddogs, buyers, sellers and more. This gives your websites an SEO boost which helps your websites rank higher on top search engines such as Google and Bing.

As you can see, iFlip 2.0 is taking real estate business automation software to the next level by making your job as an investor much easier, less time consuming and of course, more profitable.

Upon the release of iFlip 2.0, the pricing will be $79.99/mo. At 80 bucks it’s an absolute bargain by any measure, especially when you consider that there are no “gotcha” up charges once you get into the system. There are additional charges for cash buyer and private lender data, and iBuyHousesLeads as stated above, but not for any of the core functionality, support, training or anything else.  Compare iFlip and you’ll agree that it is the most comprehensive, easiest to use, best supported and LEAST expensive system of it’s kind – at $79.99/mo.

Click here to get started today.

We welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think about the new upgrades and which one(s) you’re most excited about below.


Cameron Dunlap


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34 thoughts on “Coming Soon – iFlip 2.0’s Upgraded Features

I would love to be a beta testa Cameron I tried other products and none come close to yours.I started in real estate in 2010 and I stopped in 2011 I ave not done my first deal but Iam currently working on an Sub2 Ownwer finance as we speak and with your system I know Ican start closing deals it simplfy Iam already using I Flip so please allow me to become a beta Testa-Aaron

Hi Cam,

I have tried Freedomsoft and Realeflow. Both have their pros and cons, but one if the biggest cons is the price followed by less than stellar customer service with one of the services. I would be extremely interested in being a beta tester for you. I have used both of the above services for several years now respectively, and have opinions for improvement respectively. The price of your system certainly is a head turner for me, and if it operates anywhere near the other 2… well, let’s just say I am in interested candidate for change 😉

I use the system exactly as you say. I advertise on craigslist for birddogs, coach and train them, assess deals, contact agents and sellers, and build my buyers list.

I love the system because it is quite seamless. I love the idea of everything working together harmoniously and not fighting against technology.

I am the perfect Beta Tester because I have a few wholesale deals under my belt and have closed over 100 transactions as an investment specialist real estate broker. I sold mostly apartment buildings and earned my CCIM.

I am using iFlip right now and I am already working closely with your staff to improve the system. I currently have several “suggestion box” requests in because I care.

My proficiency test for college said I should be an engineer. I love efficiency, economies of scale, and numbers.

I am already somewhat “tech geek” and have used gmail, outlook, wordpress, iphones, ipads, blackberries, sales force, freedomsoft, top producer, agent office, lotus, acccess, and several other CRM/database software programs. I can even build a virtual server for personal hosting.

I have built several blogs that actually got to #1 on google for several good traffic phrases. I am proficient in Adwords, Bing Ads, facebook ads, and social marketing.

Overall, the biggest reason you should pick me is because I know Real Estate, Marketing, CRMs AND I want to be a part of building an efficient system which we can all use for years to come.

I have been involved in real estate investing since 2001. I have experienced the ups and downs. Unfortunately I never had the guidance of any system which would of helped me through the down cycle. I am currently rebuilding my business from the ground up. I have tried other systems, but none come close to the simplicity of the set up, the information that is supplied, and the customer support. I am canceling my “other” subscriptions and concentrating on The I-Flip system, which I know will raise the bar to my business worth. So…..yes it will be an honor and a pleasure to be a beta tester.

Prior to educating myself in real estate, I had 15 years experience as an Internet business consultant — design, content strategy, and most importantly, user experience.

You can have the sexiest, most technologically powerful platform. But if users are not comfortable with accessing and harnessing information to achieve their goals, your development time is wasted. You essentially say to your users they are “persona non grata”.

Therefore, in summary, you will not find a better, more competent individual to beta test i-flip 2.0.

I look forward to joining the team!

Note: Use “visitor access” for the website.

Hey Cam,
I joined iflip years ago. I have been very happy with most of the system, (email s—-s). Iflip 2.0 sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to get started. Two upgrades I would love to see is a new email system with a lot more space. Also, I market in several different geo areas and would like more buyer sites. I belong to several national REI groups and have reccommended iflip to many investors, so I would like an affiliate account. And, of course I would really like to try out the beta site. Thanks Cam!

I have been an iflip member for a few years and and have followed your suggestions on using it to build a large buyer’s lists, birddog list, and seller list. Iflip helps make my business more efficient, and keeps me organized. It is easy to use because of the ongoing and easy instructions you provide for the maximum use of the system. The iflip system is exciting because everything I need to execute a deal is right at my fingertips along with helpful tutorials, and support to guide me through closing my deals with ease. The reason I would like to be a Beta Tester is because I am convinced that you listen and take feedback from users seriously in order to improve the systems you put out there. This is evident to me because in the new IFlip 2 system, some of my past and previous suggestions concerning the IFlip 1 system have been granted. Therefore, I would like the opportunity to do the same as a Beta Tester for IFlip2.


Hi Cameron,

Had Iflip for over 3 1/2 years now. You KNOW I beleive in and use Iflip daily. Would love to get a head start and be a tester. No one can come close to your customer service and tech support. Best in the industry by MILES!!

Thanks for everything!

Hey Cam,

just getting started again after moving cross-country. I set up the system when I first got it and I’ll be able to treat it like a new user again.

My background is software development so I have tons of experience finding, documenting and fixing issues. I.E. I know how to explain problems to tech-people. I also know what’s going on as far as domain forwards, email options and other cool stuff that non-tech people might refer to as, “it’s not working.”

Another reason is helping make the software better will be another reason to actually use it.


As a nebie to your program, I would love to be a beta tester.



I have used iFlip periodically since it first came out. I have also used Realeflow/Openroad3x and its progeny, and Freedomsoft, not to mention some of the lesser know systems. but many with swome good feartures but not the package of features offered by iFlip . Over the past years, I have always returned to iFlip. Each time upon my return, I noticed added features and/or improved features. Another constant and extremely important feature is your outstanding customer support–I usually and most recently have been using the live chat. My experience with that has always been positive, effective (addressing the issue and getting it resolved or getting the question answered) with Julia and Sarah. The consistency of your support staff and how effectively those services are delivered cannot be overemphasized. It is outstanding and priceless from a value standpont. Notwithstanding, my exposure to these online tools, I am by no means a techie. I practiced law (trial lawyer mostly) for 30+ years. Follow a case of burn out-I started my ongoing journey in real estate investing which is one of my passions. I did experience one major shift. In my law practice, the only marketing was word of mouth (that grew my practice more than I ever thought it would). The shift was that in the real estate investing arena, I soon realized I was in the marketing business. That shift has been and will continue to be of significant importance to all aspects of the business, that I recognize that iFlip 2.0 has all the essential tools, lead generation, deal flow, analyatics, CRM, Autoresponders your training videos etc. not to mention the social meda, and ability to add other landing pages. It would be a privilege for me to become a beta user. As a non techie, in the past I offered suggestions to iFlip in the context of note taking, to do/task follow up along with a calendar tied to the tasks and having the contacts tied to a property/lead which is now part of iFlip 2.0–I am mainly a wholesale investor, in the Phoenix market and other as well such as San Antonio. My end game in terms of using the system is to have truste team members and virtual assistants input/upload properties in addition to bird dogs. Our mission is to monetize every lead in some legal and ethical fashion. Once I get this new addition stabilized and I am back working on by business rather than in it (Michael Gerberism), I will be all over your transaction based funding program, as well as giving stron consideration to your other systems in terms of leads for cash buyers, private lenders etc.
I assume I am in the group that is eligible for the 49.95 price point for the 2.0 upgrade. Again, and in conclusion I know I would be, if selected, a positive beta user of iFlip 2.0
Thanks for your time in reading this.

Can’t wait to see it. I’ve been an iFlip member for quite some time and the team is very supportive. In fact the POF letter from Cameron opened the the door to my first deal in 2012.
I sure have learned a lot with the iFlip system!! Very Happy!!!

Based on your outline of what we will have with iFlip 2.0, I am very excited and certain it will provide the state of the art tools and resources to significantly leverage my business.

My team and I are currently using all four sites I have… to get bird dogs, to attract and communicate with Wholesale Cash Buyers, to find FSBO properties and to attract Sellers with credit issues. We are doing our best to use every part or feature of iFlip to intelligently market, manage and leverage my real estate investment business.

I confidently and strongly believe that I / my company iNetwork Real Estate LLC (iNRE) would be perfect as a Beta Tester. I have a very focused and committed team that is very good with technology and is currently familiar with and using iFlip with me and helping me and my company iNRE utilize iFlip to market and manage our business and to communicate with our mentor, Clinton and your office effectively and efficiently. Our familiarity with iFlip, our team approach, the fact that we are four individuals using iFlip and collaborating amongst ourselves, yet with your corporate office / Real Estate Wealth Network office, and my / our commitment to super success wanting / needing to utilize iFlip more so to reach our large goals… makes us a great reason / resource to be a one of your Beta Testers.

Why “I love iFlip” is that it gave me the confidence to launch my Real Estate Investment business. iFlip allows me to continue to be in the Real Estate Investment business with power and efficiency where I know I distinguish myself from the competition and can operate and communicate internally and externally with ease.

Bottom line why we should be a Beta Tester…. We are using the site in every way possible where we are utilizing it for all the purposes it was designed for to leverage my business. I am sure we are not perfect but we are working at utilizing iFlip to the maximum. I believe it would be helpful that I have a team (four individuals) that can help give more feedback under one iFlip operation. We really want to use every part of the new and improved features to be released.

Hopefully, we will be selected to be a Beta Tester.

Thank you,
Drew Pelton, President
iNetwork Real Estate LLC

I am a new user 2 weeks now and just learning how to put all the tools into place and action. I have every intention of staying with Cam and iFlip. As I am on the learning curve for a system that is being changed shortly I would much rather be a beta tester and do my learning curve on the new iFlip.

Hey Cam,

I am STOKED about iFlip 2.0 and can’t wait for it’s release!

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for Beta testing. I am currently using iFlip as a CRM and love the simplicity of what you and your team have done to date. I keep track of all my deals, Bird Dogs, maintaining/marketing for Buyers and Sellers, Email Blasts, Task Mgmt, etc. Yes, we all know that it is time for an upgrade, but the current system does work, and the service is best; bar none!!

I am especially excited about the upgrades to the Email Blasting with the eMarketing Statistics. I actually have been going back and forth, using outside services for my Blasts strictly b/c of the statictics/tracking. It has been a struggle trying to maintain several Buyers Lists and be effecient when marketing, at the same time.

Rehab Commander, Auto Comp Tool, Offer Generator, Offer Blaster, Unlimites Websites w/addt’l templates and more enhancement options…..just to name a few of the new features I am excited to check out! I almost can’t wait for launch of 2.0!!! It will be awesome to FINALLY be able to streamline my business in only ONE ‘place’!

BIG FAN Cam! Keep doing what you do!! 🙂

I have a different perspective. I’ve only used iFlip periodically although I do have websites set up. I would be the type of user close to being new but with enough experience to ask the right questions while I stumbled along learning about all the upgrades.

I really really want to be a beta tester for the Iflip 2.0 I’ve been utilizing the current version on a regular basis and would love to be able to get my partner involved. Some of the features of the new version are exactly what we need! Currently we’re having to input each lead into other systems so that we can get reminders what we need to do and can sort the list so that we can determine which ones we need to follow up on. It has been very time consuming and would love the chance to test the new version and save lots of time for us!


Hey Cameron,
I am no where new to Real Estate training but, new to getting any deals and I know for a fact this is what I am missing. I have come to this conclusion just from watching the original Iflip video and now knowing some of the things that I need to move forward. This would surely help me get things going so that I can finally take part of my very first Real Estate proceeds and sign up for your trans funding program ASAP. I have much money invested in RE training, my wheels are spinning and smoking and I would very much like to be a beta tester.

Well I’m going to sign up today as a newbie. As such and for being “Clueless” i will be a good choice for beta tester! Yes you will get the feel of a brand new customer!!

I am brand new and not very computer savvy but I would be a good beta tester because if a newbie like my self can make this work , any one can I’m age 70 and been a trucker for 48 years so a new skill such as this is more than necessary for survival consider me please-Len

iFlip 1.0 is a Killer! I’ve been a member for 30 days, and its generated over 80 Birdogs! My “Property Hunters” have generated 2 Deals that have closed in the last 2 weeks! ( $9,700 )

All I do is hit “renew” on my Craigslist Account!!

Tip: Blast email your bird dogs once a week with “extra” incentives. The leads will roll in!

I am really looking forward to the release of iFlip 2.0. I would like to be a beta tester for this system. I have been a member of iFlip for several years now and this looks like it will be a great improvement. I have used iFlip to build my buyers list (both wholesale and lease option) and to promote deals when I have them. It is also a great way to contact sellers. The auto responders will be a great addition to this platform. – Jim

iFlip was a life saver for me and my business. It helped put the pieces together and made things a lot easier for me. I needed a system and have been using it for a while. Cam and and his team are good people.

I would be a good beta tester 1st because I have been using iFlip and can navigate pretty well. I believe I can give a good review on all the features.

I would LOVE to be a beta tester. I would be a great participant because I am new to investing and if it works for a newby like myself anyone could do it. Also I am EXTREMELY motivated to closing my first deal.

In health and wealth,

Eric L. Shepard
Sapientia LLC

“Hi, Cameron Aaron Isadore ,here I would love to be a beta tester I’am already an I Flip member I simply would like to start from scratch and see how far I can go with everything you .”have to offer build my business and help other people like you are doing to become free and know their purpose in life.”

Hello Cameron

I have been an Iflip user along with my partner for a while and I recently decided to go into business for myself and purchase it for myself . I think I could be a great beta tester because i frequently use the iflip account for various reasons and i’m very in tune with technology as I am employed in the information technology field. I’m intrigued by technology and the way it can be used to improve business. Feel free to let me know the next step to become a beta tester. Thanks

I have been trying to do Real Estate deals but somehow could not close the deal/s because I just couldn’t seem to find real Buyers to close fast enough! As a Beta tester, I would be able to give a blazing testimonial as I am pumped that iFlip 2.0 is my knight in shining armor! I’m pretty sure I can close a deal in record time … and I trust you can help me connect all the dots! Thanks for sharing your passion and expertise ….

I am currently using iFlip and would love to be a beta tester. I keep track of Bird Dogs and maintain marketing for Buyers and Sellers, Email Blasts, Task management. This is the most simplest system I have ever used and thats one of the things that I love about this system. I currently use another system alone with iflip and it’s been a struggle trying to maintain both. Im excited about the Rehab Commander, Auto Comp Tool, Offer Generator, Offer Blaster, Unlimites Websites w/addt’l templates and more enhancement options. I can’t wait for launch of 2.0 and being be able to streamline my business in only ONE ‘place. I think I will be a great beta tester because I already use a system thats similar to but not as user friendly. And I know exactly what to look for in the different components. Thanks for bringing ifip 2.0…… Can’t wait to be a beta tester and upgraded to the New Iflip 2.0 System !!!!!

Cam…You have always been the leader in services for investors, especially new investors.
I am very excited about flip 2.0. The sooner the better. Hit Me!!






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