Deal Maker Club – Breaking Down $37,809 in Profits

I recently spoke with 3 clients who have been busy taking action and doing deals, and after we funded their most recent deals, I asked each of them to jump on a Deal Maker Call with me so we could break down:

– What’s working right now in today’s market!
– How they found their deals and got them sold fast!
– How the funding process worked and what you need to know!
– What roadblocks they encountered and how they got past them!
– And more!

Listen to Vivian, John and Marcia as they uncover the exact steps they took from getting started all the way to cashing their profit checks.

Deal Maker #1 – Vivian Harris – Listen as Vivan shares how she used the Offer Generator to help put her deal together and make $7,309.

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Deal Maker #2 – John Bender – John’s initial funding, with an outside party, disappeared without warning leaving him high and dry. Here’s how he used our funding program to put the property back under contract for $10,000 cheaper than before and make just over $18,000 in profits!

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Deal Maker #3 – Marcia Dillon – Listen to Marcia’s story and learn how she was able to flip 2 deals, one within 2 weeks of getting my funding program, for a combined profit of $12,500!

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Cam Dunlap

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12 thoughts on “Deal Maker Club – Breaking Down $37,809 in Profits

So you didnt really fund any of these deals, you are the one with the information

Huh?! We funded all 3 of these deals! We have and continue to fund hundreds and hundreds of deals for our clients. We make big paydays possible for folks who couldn’t close the deal without our help. Are you ready to join the fun?


this is wonderful. It makes me feel I could do this. I had been following you but just could not get the nerves to start.

awesome- very very inspiring-i will do the same just as they did-matthew

I agree with you and I am just 2wks probably, joined FourPillar and already very impressed, wish I had not wasted my money and time and under tons of debt but this is very encouraging since now that I am equipped with lots of REI knowledge, of course not as much as Cameron but already feel having his backup I am sure going to make best of best.

The 3 calls where very informative and explained ways to find leads. Im very new to REI and i want to change my career and move into REI.

Cam…all three deals are proof in the pudding. Step by step, as laid out for us, day by day,
and Walla, profit. You are an honest man and, truly, an enabler!

Hi Cam..I just wanted to say that what i listened to is like no other anywhere. I have been around the RE arena for some time now…..and your I Flip system is the best i have ever seen! Anyone can do this….just follow the SYSTEM! Thanks, Frank

am ready to start making money never did it before

Wow, this is very motivational calls and it got me to where I am going for it. Now that I know that cam and his team will be there every step of the way like vivian and others. Thank you cam and your team!

His calls are informative and motivating, I know I can be successful with this program.
Thank you Cam for making it available.

Thank u for the informative calls. It was inspirational to hear regular folks jumping in and making it happen. I look forward to becoming a sooner than later future success storry!

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