Lender Resale Restrictions

After you’ve had a chance to watch the video, please let me know what you’re thinking by posting a comment below. Cam PS. Here’s a somewhat cleaned up transcription of the video. Hello, Cam Dunlap here, for a white board exercise today. What I want to talk to you about is Bank Resale Restrictions. There’s […]

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Great educational video as usual. I love how you are using techniques that work in today’s market not what worked before. The presentation was very visual and you explained it slowly enough to understand it. This is something in Florida which has been happening. I wasn’t even touching Fannie Mae properties but will now reconsider them again. Chris and I are still working hard to get some more deals done with you. Banks are just being pains in the butt as usual.

Have you been working out?

Thanks for the info, very helpful. I just let a fannie deal go because my investor bailed, and I just could not figure a way to wholesale it!

Im assuming deed in escrow is subject to original financing, not sure of timing on that part though.

The mortgage, the lease option and the deed in escrow all happen on a-b closing day?? same time? any particular order?

Let the closing agent take care of it!!

I like this strategy, but I have a questions for you. So, there aren’t any chain of title/seasoning issues for my buyer’s the end (retail) buyer that will get a new loan?

The only place there might have a chain of title issue would be with the “D” (end user) buyer’s lender. If there is an issue, the lender would likely want to see evidence of the work done, like contractor receipts, to justify the sudden rise in price. It will depend on the lender of course. FHA has suspended their 90 day title seasoning rule but will still likely want evidence and a 2nd appraisal. Just remember that if you’re wholesaling, it’s your buyer’s issue. If your buyer is an experienced rehabber, well than this issue is just like any other that’s “all in a day’s work”. BTW, Do you think this is new? Get this… I had to show receipts on a deal to get my end buyer’s lender (FHA) off my back in 1993!

This is a great trick of the game. Good work and thank you for the education.

This works. I have done it four times now with short sales.

Such good information. I always appreciate ideas on how to get around the unnecessary crap the banks throw at us.


This info is so helpful, the lease option part is totally genius, thank you much.

Cameron, your ‘C’ buyer can also just assign the option to the ‘D’ buyer if he’s done with repairs and is ready to close on the deal with the ‘D’ buyer.

True but…. if the D buyer is getting bank financing, the lender may get a little touchy about that. You’ll need to experiment with that carefully.

OMG!!! Your are Fantastic!!! I am proud to be in the Inner Circle. I’m currently doing a FMae wholesale deal..and I was looking for a way not to get stuck with 90 days. Thanks to this lesson, NO MORE STRESS!!! YUPI!
Cameron you are a GENIUS and very Creative guy!!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate it. BTW, if you would like to learn more about my Inner Circle go to http://www.CameronsInnerCircle.com

Cam you really hit the nail on the head with this one. Great work on explaining this invaluable info.

You mentioned in the presentation that we can access cash buyers at one of your many sites. Based on my experience, most of these sites will have a name, address and address of recent purchase. Do you have a system with cash buyers e-mail addresses and telephone numbers ?
Most of the cash buyer system does not have this feature and wants you to subscribe to expensive mailing within their system.
I am a very successful Broker/Investor and it appears as if most of the “gurus” out there, are out to put their hands in your pockets time and time again.

What we are able to provide is what is recorded on the public record, and that does not typically include a phone number or email address. Will that change with time, I presume so, but it is what it is, for now. If you don’t want the info because of it, then don’t buy it, and… your competition will. Go to http://www.CashBuyerDataFeed.com for more info on how you can crush your competition with access to cash buyers nationwide for only $50/mo.

Your attitude toward “gurus” comes from a place of scarcity. You might want to consider working on that. Making cash buyer info available to your for $50 a month is something I can’t tell you how much I wish I had available to me when I got started. My products are ALL designed with one thing in mind… to make the business easier for you to do than it was for me. Should I get paid for that…. seriously? Don’t buy into what the current administration would have you believe about capitalism and making a profit in general. It’s not bad or evil, it’s what has made, and will continue to make this country great. Contrary to what Govt. would like you to believe… Your are not entitled to my (or anyone else’s) time, experience and expertise without paying for it.

On my last two offers I actually put in a condition that says “Seller will not impose resale restrictions”. One was Fanny Mae so I’ll just have to see what response I get. Thanks for being on top of this.


I like your strategy, but why is a lease necessary? Wouldn’t an option without a lease also work?


An option might work, on its own, but with the lease, the tenant buyer has the right to “enjoy” the property. Enjoy meaning occupy, use, etc.


Hello Cam:

This video is awesome!; I did not expect anything less. I like what you are doing by keeping us educated on different techniques to eliminate so called obstacles. Keep up the good work. I’m getting back in the game for life and I look forward to doing a lot of deals with you.

Great strategy. I’m a cash buyer IF its a great deal. Anyone doing this in the Inland Empire, S.Cal?

Thanks for the great strategy, Cam! An additional thought: Make sure there’s enough separation between your A-B purchase price and the B-C sale price to cover some additional expenses and still have some profit. In addition to closing costs, the party holding title (the B party – us) would be responsible for property taxes during the 90-day lease/option period. You should also probably have property insurance – and make sure the C buyer also has their own insurance (and names you as an additional insured) during the 90-day period.

Excellent suggestions! Thanks for posting.


Hi Cam:

Good information about resale restrictions. The information was explained in a clear way. Bank of America is becoming more flexible (this is great information) It was great to see you on a webinar with Lee Arnold. I am an affiliate with Private Money Bank/Exchange. The very best to you and your family.

Cam, this was a great presentation and very worthwhile. Thank you.

Hi Cam
You’ve just cracked the ‘Banker’s code’ with your genius stroke. Well done. It’s clear, precise & complete.

Thanks again Cam, one more thing to take the fear out of making it happen. Jeff Scott

long time no see,

another strategy is to make you offer as “XYZ LLC as trustee”. then you can put it into a trust later or just form a cheap LLC to close it and sell the shares (sell the llc as an entity) to the buyer. An even more slick way is to take out a DBA for a trust and close like that. then assign the trust.

Bob Burozski
Private Banker Loans

I have multiple offers in play in the inland empire and would love to hear from you Better Living Services.

Thanks Cam as always for your wisdom that is right on target every time. The presentation was great and easily understood. I really admire and appreciate your approach to “problems” that you break down to us in an easily understood manner!

The listing REO Agent will not submit an offer to Bank of America with the 60 day deed restriction crossed out. Do they have to submit it?

Technically, yes. I suggest you find another Realtor for future deals.

Excellent Cam. THX
You are the best.
You are the BOMB!

If buyer C needs 90 days to rehab the property, what is preventing him from going directly to seller A to purchase for 100K? Do we have an signed offer with A before we go to buyer C?

Yes Ron, you sure do! Having it under contract is what protects you.

It is possible that a buyer could go around your back if your contract expires, but when you buy in such a way that you can sell CHEAP, any investor that can smell a good deal is going to grab it before someone else does.

If a buyer ever does go around your back, then you and anyone you tell about it, will know not to do business with that person in the future. After all… it’s a small world.


excellent info , thanks cam !
im going to the fannie mae website right now .

Gary W
Character Still Matters llc
Indianapolis ,IN

Great Cam. I started a Private Lending Group to buy & Wholesale. This is great info & I will be talking to my Atty next wk.

Cam, I do have a question. Is there a way to get a Cash Buyer’s list, say over multiple areas, as a package deal? eg All of eastern NC. etc. I’m working 3 areas, so to get Cash Buyers in each zip code, I will have to setup three different accounts or wait for three months to buy in one of the areas.
What’s your thought?

Excellent Information. Thanks CAM!!!.
I Thank God for you.


Awesome strategy. Bit of good news here, at least for Georgia folks anyway – in Georgia we are a Deed of Trust state (typically called Security Deed here actually). Per GA law, If the Maturity date of the Note referenced in the Security Deed is less than 3 years in length, the county doesn’t charge any intangibles tax and therefore no additional closing costs! Just FYI for you and anyone playing in Georgia (I’m not an attorney and not giving legal advice).


Very good info Cam. They really think they are smarter than you. Great teaching very educational.

Great presentation!! This strategy will be very useful. We are very happy we connected with you. You teach things so we can understand it and you don’t leave important pieces of information out. Thank you….

Thanks a bunch Cam! I can see what you mean about an opportunity to create a whole system around this strategy. Thanks for the willingness to share this for free!

Cameron I have used this strategy successfully several times. I want you to be aware of a potential problem . I had a very expensive beach house burn to the ground in the 93rd day. The buyers had done a lot of work on the property. If the house would have burned while I owned it there could have been some issues . Please be aware and have all hazard insurance issues resolved before the deal goes down. It is a great idea. I actually thought of this about two years ago in a deer stand and have made about 150k on three deals since then. Lee

S i m p l e. —– I. Will get Cash-Buyers-Data-Feed. Soon. Thanks

Hi Cam,
I like this strategy. It started to make me think, why not use this for REO’s to get around non assignment issues.I think it would work.

Very informative. This has kept me from trying to do any deals. Thanks very much.


The presentation was very informative and easy to understand; thanks.

Why not just close the house in an LLC name and then sell your cash buyer the LLC?

Hey Heidi. That might work because there is no transfer of title – just transfer of member interest. This is assuming you have the funds to close.

You could also transfer your member interest prior to closing and take your wholesaling profit with that sale. Then your buyer would go and close in the name of the LLC. This way you would not need the funds to close.

Thanks for your input.


Cam, thanks for the insight I always get it straight listening to you. I’ve been back and fourth with Mary P on this subject,(and she’s another source of priceless insight), and it’s more than liberating when it comes to wholesaling to see this video! Thanx Cam and Team for all you do.
Sincerly, Mark K

Thank-you very much for the information. I’m ready to start making offers. This will be a factor in my marketing approach. I want to be successful in this business and feel we made the right choice in joining your team.

That’s great information. Will use it for future deals. Even though I have not run across any for 90 days. How long should the lease option be for? 91 days? Thank for te heads up.

Happy New Year!

I have run across the 90 days. It is a short sale. I will tell my realtor about this, and see where it goes. I live in Pinellas County, Fl. All short sales is 90 days here.

Hey Cam, Bryan McClaskey here from New Jersey. Great idea with the lease option & mortgage strategy as a solution for flipping properties with a 90 day re-sale restriction. I actually have a short sale transaction I’m working on right now that I intend to use the strategy on. Just one thought I had on additional costs with this strategy in addition to recording fees for the mortgage. Since my entity will still own the property for 91 days before my Rehabber/Buyer exercises the Lease Option & closes, I think it’s a good Idea to carry liability/fire insurance on the property for 90 days. I’m sure my rehabber/buyer will carry Insurance, but it may be a good idea for me as the “B” party to carry insurance too. Your thoughts? Bryan (609) 313-7835

With these lender restrictions, at what point in the deal, do you pay the mortgage taxes, if your state requires them? RE is still new to me. Thanks.

Hi Cam.

Great Infomation and Instruction, only
Expected from Cam Dunlap.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your teachings. You make it easy to understand.

As a 50 year construction, and remodeler. I have always wanted to get into the other side of real estate. I greatly enjoy your training videos, and encourage you to keep doing what you do. Thanks
Rev. Samuel Garfield Jr.

Thanks for the strategy. All I hear is how investors are having problems with banks and what we are doing might not work. I will now be able to prove to them it does work. Thank you very much.

This information is GOLD! I live in Texas and it seems there are always a few steps to take to make deals happen. This strategy will make a huge difference in whether I choose to walk away from a deal involving banks. Priceless information! Thank you!

info worth a million dollars thanks cam

This is a great strategy. Have been wondering how to use the lease option agreement. I am currently making a bid and planning to do more on bank owned properties. Had assumed I could use land trusts. Just read your comment on LLC owning and selling the interest. This would be the same principal except much less expensive to sell the interest of the beneficiary of the trust (me or my LLC that owns the property in the trust.) Look forward to your comments.

Ed Stanley

Couldn’t you also get around the sales restrictions by buying the property in a Land Trust then simply eventually transferring the beneficial interest of the trust from you to the new buyer of the property? This sale is of course done as a cash sale between the parties involved.

You can do that yes. The trick is finding a cash buyer willing to pay a bunch of money for the beneficial interest in a trust vs. receiving a deed and title insurance, etc. It’s doable and done for sure but as a practical matter I think it’s seminar fluff.

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