Focus is Not Hocus Pocus!

Do you know how important it is for you to be focused if you want to be successful? Most people don’t. Most people are incapable of real focus and then wonder why they aren’t successful at anything they attempt in business.

If you have trouble keeping your head down and focusing on your business and you are aware of it, you’re halfway to the solution. If you were not aware of the importance, my hope is that this article will provide that awareness. Either way, my hope is that this article will help you build a bigger more successful business.

What’s Keeping You From Real Focus?

If you’re an entrepreneur, at heart or in practice, you probably have the same issue I have which is that I cannot get through a day without seeing a very interesting business opportunity. You know, where you’re going about your day and spot a “problem” that you could solve or a process you could make easier and think… “Now there’s a business opportunity.” After all, the best businesses are started by identifying a problem or inefficiency and solving or optimizing it.

I’m not sure if seeing at least one business opportunity per day is a curse or a blessing…

…but I do know for sure that, if you let it distract you from your core business or project or competency, it’s likely to cost you more than it will ever make you.

The fact is, the way to become successful is to work hard at something… one thing… for (usually) a long period of time and stay focused and become the best at it. Naturally, that process will involve delegation (something entrepreneurs generally stink at) and will involve growth in order to reach your goals. Then, and only then, is it safe to pick your head up and look at other opportunities.

Most people can’t keep their heads down. They’re constantly looking at and chasing other opportunities and either think they can do the “old thing” and “new thing” simultaneously, or worse, up and walk away from the “old thing” perhaps right when they were on the cusp of true success.

Know anyone like that? Know anyone like that REALLY WELL?!

Maybe it’s boredom or maybe it’s A.D.D. or maybe it’s the need for instant gratification, but if you don’t remain focused, with your head down, shutting out the distractions, you are unlikely to ever be truly successful at anything.

Some Call This The Shiny Object Syndrome!

This is where the shiny object catches your eye and you’re off like a shot in that direction, abandoning what you were just doing.

Most folks who get caught in this trap are more than ½ way to being successful at what they were doing and so turning back or starting something new is that much more of a setback. It’s like being ¾ of the way to your destination – and perhaps not knowing it – and then turning back because you’re frustrated by the fact that you’re not there yet.

focus dog

Another analogy would be the dog that’s chasing a car that sees a rabbit and starts chasing it until it sees a squirrel and starts chasing it and so on. It’s a gigantic waste of energy, is extremely frustrating and… leaves you feeling like a failure because, well… you are!

It’s time to focus – at whatever you’re doing. Doing something over and over again, the process of trial and error, and truly becoming successful takes time, energy, money and perhaps most importantly… it takes focus. It needs your undivided attention.

I see a lack of focus with Real Estate Investors all the time. They go from one niche strategy program to the next and to the next and to the next, never buckling down and focusing on any of them. This is a waste of time and money for sure.

If you go to Home Depot and buy a shovel, it’s not any good to you till you actually go and dig a hole with it. In fact, if it were in the garage leaning against the wall, you could stand there pointing at it and argue that it doesn’t work. You’d be right because it doesn’t work – until you pick it up and use it!

Something I hear all the time from want-to-be Real Estate Investors is… “That program doesn’t work”. Then I think, really?! It doesn’t work, or you didn’t work it? The shovel doesn’t work either, right?

I have suffered from the shiny object syndrome myself and I know from experience that it’s better to get to work with the tools you already have than it is to keep pursuing other opportunities or acquiring other tools.

Start The Process. Do The Doing! Get To Work!!

I feel fortunate to have figured this out at a relatively young age and as such have much to show for it and to be proud of.

You may decide you don’t like the process, or that you’re not good at it, but it takes time to come to those conclusions in a meaningful way. Then if that’s the case, of course, move on, but because you were focused and put real effort into it, you know you’ve made an informed decision and… you likely will have built value that can be sold or bartered.

I know people who have spent most of their lives jumping from one thing, to the next and to the next, and who are now getting older and have little or nothing to show for the unfocused, disjointed effort they put in over all of those years. Had they focused on a core competency, they’d have built big businesses.

Focus…Will It Make You Or Break You?

Focus is a “make you or break you” issue that is not often talked about but is insanely important.

Sometimes I’m asked… “You own multiple successful businesses, how did you make that happen when focus is so important. How could you have remained focused and yet build multiple businesses? Aren’t multiple businesses an example of suffering from the shiny object syndrome?”

They’re good questions! They’re ones I’ve given a lot of thought to and have talked to people about to get their observations and I’ve come up with a few answers.

One thing I’ve come to discover is that I am a huge action taker – an implementation MONSTER. I do a lot less talking and thinking about what I’m going to do and more about what I am doing at that moment to generate revenue and build the business. I don’t dilly dally when I’ve made a decision – I get to work on it RIGHT THEN.

Another is that while my businesses are different, they are all “verticals” of each other. In other words, they all stem from one core business and that is Real Estate Investing. I am an investor first and everything else stems from that by reaching into a vertical market.

Then, I have come to learn to keep my head down and get really good at doing what I’m working on, then delegate most of it so I can manage the process, without having to actually do it, and watch it continue to grow with less and less of my personal involvement. Then and ONLY then will I pick my head up and look around – always immediately seeing a vertical opportunity.

I also have a little trick I use to scratch the shiny object itch when I get it, while my head is down. What I do is buy a domain or 2 that I know I’ll need when and if I decide to pursue the idea. That way I know I have the right domain in my “domain bank” and I can feel relieved having scratched the itch and get right BACK TO WORK! This has been a real saving grace for me because like most entrepreneurs, I too suffer from some degree of O.C.D. and A.D.D. The only downside is that I have about 350 domains!!

To deal with all those domains, I take about an hour a year to go through my account and turn off the “auto-renew” button on the ones I now know I’m not ever going to pursue. On those, I have simply lost the itch or have come to my senses.

Combining these strategies has allowed me to grow multiple businesses. Along the way, I have also surrounded myself with very smart, motivated and loyal people who keep the focus and allow me to spend more time at high altitude with my eye on the horizon, so I can see the challenges and opportunities before they are at our doorstep.

Your Take

So, I ask you… are you completely focused on your business? Do you agree it deserves your focus? Do you see where picking your head up has cost you? Are you willing to put your head down, focus and take massive action?

If your answer to each of those 4 questions is yes, you are on your way to success!

Focus, work hard NOW, be patient and I will see you at the top!!

Cameron Dunlap

P.S. I’d love to hear your comments below.

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65 thoughts on “Focus is Not Hocus Pocus!

I’m 70 and just getting started. Your wisdom and work ethic are inspiring to me. Thanks for your unselfish contribution to the Real Estate Newbie Investor World. Larry

WOW! Pursuing this endeavor at 70 years young . . . my hats off to you and may your vision come into fruition. You’ve got at least another thirty years to enjoy the fruits of your success.

Cameron, you re-affirm what it takes to be successful!

This is a great article. Focus has helped me in the past and now while trying to become a Real Estate Investor it is super necessary. I hope to become an implementation MONSTER some day.

Cam. I’ve been reading and listening to you ( on and off ) for years. This is a side of you I never heard. You hit the nail on the head ! Thank you.

I struggle with lack of focus and I know it. This article really hit home. Thanks for writing it.

Motivational article ,I am looking forward to the day to meet you and my mentor face to face to tell you my success story. Thanks for the article .

“Focus is a make you or break you issue that is not often talked about, but is insanely important.” – – The most powerful and true statement I’ve read all year. And believe me, I’ve attempted to read a lot of books, articles and blogs simultaneously! Lol. Focus!

Cameron, as a novice real estate investor I appreciate your words of wisdom concerning Focus and I must constantly gravitate toward it! Thanks

So true. Thanks for stating things so clearly. Short and Sweet! I am taking the time to send the many unsolicited “shiny” emails to SPAM. I am inundated with so many unsolicited emails daily that it’s hard to find the ones that I really need. I am transferring your information to my new gmail business account while I work to clean house in my personal account.

You hit it right on the spot. . Time to KEEP MY HEAD DOWN and really focus

Thank you CAM.

I am having to start over at 63. I have for 2 years now since I closed previous business and have struggled to focus. It’s at the top of the problem list. Some of it is info overload

Informative analysis . I was fascinated by the analysis . Does someone know if my business could possibly grab a blank a form version to work with ?

SharonZ sez… Cam over-deliveries, as a way of life! The PSA, (Purchase&Sale Agreement), explained line-by-line, is exceedingly helpful! Blessings*SharonZ 🙂

I appreciate your stories, so many of your past reflections has familiarity. As I continue to plug in I see how each time there is a pivot that aligns my thouths and actions on the desirable course.

It’s so ironic , it is my first time actually reading one of your post and immediately the phone start ringing, mind you since the week start the phone my have rang twice. Guess what i ignored it because i wanted to be focused on starting this process. Thank you for your time. I also want to thank you for helping me learn the process

Thank you, Cam! I really needed to read this. Now I need to apply it right away!

Thanks Cam-As usual you are spot on with information that will help others. I am currently going through your program. Lots of great helpful information and support. I look forward to working with your group.
Bob C.

Thanks cam, I love it I should call it perfect wakeup call right on time , I got it and I’m 100percent on it. Very very powerful and positive stuff same like that TV preacher Joel Osteen who’s speeches helped me in the past after my stroke when doctors predicted to my wife that I will never I am now easily walk 5 miles a day,

WOW (Words Of Wisdom) you nailed it Cam! Hit it out of the park!!! Been an Investor/entrepreneur since 7/5/2019. 56 yrs old buying into one system after another. “NOT ONE DEAL YET! I need focus, focus, focus. I like your saying inch wide mile deep, not mile wide inch deep!
I am looking for an accountability person to assist me in the focus dept.

Thank you, Cameron, for just being honest and telling it for real! Five years ago, my bout with cancer changed the focus of my life. I am a survivor because I had to want passionately enough to focus on those things I once thought were only possible by chance. Mentors have been my blessings. I believe pure determination on focus shows true grit. We all have it! It can move mountains!

When I was in High School, I used to focus on the prettiest girls, boy, I wish I had that kind of focus now!

I, like many others, really needed this “wake up call” in my life right now. Of all the programs I have ever taken, Cam’s Real Estate Wealth Network is the best by far. I love the professionalism and integrity of this company and plan to be a lifelong member. I hope to soon be in the mentorship program as I know it will be a life changer for generations to come.

Thanks Cam and Team!

Thank u cameron for the fuel that drive me to work and continue to work
again and again the best ?

You must have a crystal Ball because that’s exactly what I been going through now I’m inspired again.

Cameron, you are so right with this article. I am someone that suffers from OCD and ADD and it has been a struggle my entire life. Always wanting instant gratification has always been my downfall, but I have to tell you that since starting your program I have only had a couple “slips” and still found my way back to your lessons. Never in my life have I been excited when I wake up for anything but now I am. I know I get to log on to watch your videos and am excited to learn more for the first time ever! Thanks Cam!

I really appreciate and respect the grasping factors in this blog

New to business I have a llc ein number registered
Have a duns brad member number
Working to get my first deal as a
Real estate WHOLESALER
Looking for motivated sellers
And much needed proof of funds letter
And cash buyers , landlord and investors willing and ready to buy Properties I hope to aquire or that they pay me to find and secure on their behalf.

My obstacles:
No capital,no income made in business
No money over $300 saved
No credit
Bad personal credit no history no debt credit score 516
No family or friends to help

But if I focus all these things will no longer Matter

Thanks Cam, for the focus article, it’s what I really needed to get me kick started back into this business of Real estate investing. You are right not staying focus on what ever goals you have set for yourself will hinder what could have been. Thank you again !

A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones. Proverb 17:22. I was laughing from beginning all in the middle to the end. A lesson I will work on, thank you.

NICE! I’ve been struggling with my focus, as I’m a new investor going through mentorship. I focus on what I’m doing at the time, but get discouraged as I’ve yet to find a lead to make an offer on….thanks for the conk on the head!

I have started to read the article I that you sent along with the email. Cameron, Thanks for caring to put here for us this type of positive article. I will send another reply when I finish reading it. So far I can that yeah I have realized that My attention needs a lot of work. In other words I need to practice staying focused. Sincerely from, Blue Ama.

Good information Cameron I really need to practice this.

Every step I take in this business, reminds me of programs like these. Thanks again.

Great article, Cam! Great way to poke me between the eyes, too! LOL! So guilty of Shiny Object Syndrome. And I know what I have to do. That’s why this is such a great article. You don’t just highlight the problem. You also give the remedy or solution.

Thank you so much for sharing this!

The bitter truth but inspirational and informative. I’m on it!

Cam, I definitely needed to read this blog today. Thank you.

First, thank you Cam, and your amazing team.
Like so many others here, I NEEDED that “kick in the rear” to remind me
that I am Not FOCUSING enough “on” my business instead of doing “busy work” in my business.
The main point I took from your 2 day wholesaling class hit home with me. STOP TRAINING AND START DOING.
I just wanted to say to “Thomas Patterson and Teddy Albers,” Do Not Give Up. You Will Succeed. Believe IT to Achieve IT. STAY FOCUSED

Thanks C.Dunlop,
I really want to be focused what I wanted to do. Focus is not hocus pocus! , u are absolutely right, but people with low budget they can’t focus.

I disagree with you. Budget has nothing to do with one’s ability or willingness to focus.

It’s a mindset and discipline that anyone can practice regardless of their situation, that can literally change their situation.

Let’s get focused!


Your’re absolutely correct about focus, I had to help my daughter move and now it’s time to get back to creating a business that I set out to do at 64 yrs of age. Will keep my head down and hit this course as hard as I can to the end. Thank you Cam, for your inspiring words.

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I will keep my head down and focus.

Thanks so much Cam for all of your truth! You have said so much over the last 3 days that hit home with me. This, however, is just what I needed to hear/read as I start my journey in wholesaling. My head is down and I am committed to making this work. Thanks again!

Thank’s Cameron all this has been a very eye opening read thanks and more so the reading of the comments of others especially the comment of Larry Waltz here I was thinking I was alone in my age bracket trying to do something that looks like a young mans game so I’m 68 and have to remind myself everyday I am here first of all because of my why and that’s another story for another time but due to Cameron’s dedication to finding the how to’s it’s made much more possible

All I have to say is Thank you so much Cam, you hit it out the park….

Wow… You just described me to a “T,” without ever meeting me. That gives me the confidence and courage to take this advice to heart; keep my head down and focus on the direction you have given me with the tools you created.
Only someone who has been in my shoes could have described the struggle that comes with the “SHINY OBJECTS SYNDROME” as well as you did. Thank you for that and the many other gifts and tidbits of knowledge you give so freely. I copy/pasted most of this article in my notes and switched out the you and yours to I, ME and MY. Helps to FOCUS and change my perspective to where it needs to be; ON ME and MY BUSINESS; “DO THE DOING..”
Thanks again,

I am amazed with the things I am getting from Cam. But I am still skeptical about the whole thing, this article reinforces my belief in being focus. What baffles me most is the “no cost funding” up till now I am still wondering if this is true and if it is possible. I am focusing on my first deal; It it clicks the whole world will hear about Cam and his good work.

Wow! you talk about hitting the nail on the head about not being focus, man my head was up high and using binoculars looking at every shiny object and never focusing on any one thing, but now my head is down back on the grind. Thanks Can.

Big fingers hit the wrong letter I meant to say Thanks Cam😊

You are so totally right on Cam. Thank you so much for these words that I needed to hear. I can see how the shiny object syndrome has cost me time and money. Establishing my business is going to be way more lucrative than any real estate deal. I was thinking of just doing real estate as day job, until I get my business established. But I’m just going to get a 9-5 type day job, while I stay focused on building my business, to pour into it. I think that’s about it. I think it’s my relatively mild schizo-affective disorder that I get distracted. Great advice. Thank you sooo much. And God bless you all.

Everything I have accomplished in life has been the result of focus. Learning to play a trumpet, learning to fly airplanes, marrying my wife (44 years now!) working my other business all required focus. But that is the one ting I have NOT done in RE. I see it now. I am focussed and making an action plan today while also continuing my studies with Cams program. I am certain I will need the income soon from this endeavor, like I did from my earlier business. I learned to dig holes without the proper shovel when I had to do so, but acquired the proper shovel and it got easier. I am getting my RE shovel out and am starting to dig! Thanks, Cam!

The information of this business is overWhelming, and you definitely have to FOCUS to grasp and understand it. It’s spending money to get a lead, and if you don’t know how to convert the LEAD on the phone its a huge money drain. Mastering the phone call is what I am focusing on to overcome the SELLER’s objections to creative financing. NOT EASY TO FOCUS, and to have patience is a HUGE HURDLE, I want the deals NOW !!!!!!!

Powerful knowledge and invaluable information! Very inspirational, however, I simply get overwhelmed and inundated with it all and honestly, at times it is hard to focus
when so much info becomes confusing. At 67 yrs of age,
I still have gas in my tank, It becomes like, where do I go?!

I am a 63yo newbie to rei and I’m afraid “shiny object syndrome” is my middle name! As a matter of fact, I am deep into learning another rei strategy, and then I get the world of Cam Dunlap dangled in front of me and I could NOT resist. In my defense, I’m sticking with learning my other strategy, but am itching to get to the REWN side and kind of wished I had heard of it first. I love the domain purchase idea and may use that, along with the sheer amount of knowledge and expertise that can be garnered from Cam – thank you sir! Keeping my head down for now…

Cameron that is me to a T. I have bought so many programs and courses and have never given any of them an honest try. Dont think I’ve heard any guru’s talk about focus and I feel it is common in a bunch of us. So I know what I need to do, don’t buy any more courses and focus on one and I should be successful. Thanks for the insight and wake up call

Cam thank you for providing 4 key questions. I will put into action at this starting gate.

Thanks Cam for pointing out the focus factor. I am the prime example of that, chasing the shiny object. I have been doing better lately but I know I have long way to go. I recommend everyone to read the book call THE ONE THING by Gary Keller. It definitely helped me to focus better.

This article or post really hit home for me. I would say that I first invested in a course “ Free and clear”. I bought that I would say 20yrs ago, and have bought many others since and haven’t really pursue them . I now owe it to myself to take this program and sore with it. Cam is doing a great job keep investors on his team focus. Thanks for your post.

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