Deal Maker Interviews – 2 “Newbies” Bring in $21,000 in Profit, Here’s How…

Every once in a while I get the chance to hop on the phone with a few clients and interview them on the specifics of their deals.

This time around I spoke with Linda and Jake, two very bright, budding young investors that have the right attitude necessary to really succeed in this business.

I can’t tell you how personally gratifying it is to get the chance to speak directly with some of the nice folks that use the services and funding we have available. I’m glad I do because quite often there are some very powerful lessons shared and this time was no different.

Listen in as Linda and Jake share their stores and some VERY powerful lessons that are sure to help you do more deals this year.

Deal Maker #1 – Linda Jones…Has been working with her realtor and focusing specifically on REO’s when she found a GEM of a deal in Memphis! Learn how Linda was able to run the numbers, renegotiate at the last minute and do the deal to get her FIRST profit check for over $12,000 all within 3 weeks of getting started!

…If you listen to the entire interview you’ll hear why I suggested she GET RID of her agent immediately!

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Deal Maker #2 – Jake Williams…In this interview Jake explains how he made $9,941.10 as a brand new investor in less than 30 days!

Jake found our No Fee Funding program and was able to save his deal and cash his first check on this vacant house all while building an enormous amount of confidence. Listen below as Jake explains the in’s and out’s of his deal and how he’s already lined up his next deal with the help of my proof of funds letter!

Both of the deals discussed in these powerful interviews were made possible with my No Fee Funding program. If you’d like to learn how you can get $1,000,000 in funding for all your deals, Go here now!

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Cam Dunlap

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3 thoughts on “Deal Maker Interviews – 2 “Newbies” Bring in $21,000 in Profit, Here’s How…

Very informative, I was wondering how she sold the property, and was able to close in 3 weeks.
Thank you

Are you required to have a buyer lined up to buy the home, before you get the funding? What happens if you buy a home at auction?

The phone call with Linda was more helpful than the call with Jake. I am experiencing some of the same things that Linda went through. Fortunately for her and her daughter they were able to close a deal pretty quickly. I haven’t had the same experience.

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