7 thoughts on “Tips for Maximizing Your Results with Vacant Houses

I have researched vacant properties with minimal success
Due to the country assessor stating the owner lives in the property
which is clearly not the case! A 3/3 I found recently is in an excellent n’hood but hasn’t been maintained for years and when I peaked inside, it’s FULL OF TRASH!! I mean full. This is the address of homeowner and there’s no longer a mailbox! It doesn’t look like he’s been there in well over a year…! This has been my usual experience w/vacant homes, not the exception.

That’s a great situation. We call it a “matching address” property.

The solution is to do a skip trace to help locate the missing owner.

Your apparent discouragement by this situation is extremely common and makes the opportunity even better!

How should I respond if the vacant property owner ask me where did I get their phone number from?
From the offer generator which offer should I present the seller?

In this video you say not to mention that the house is vacant,but in your Vacant House Lead script you mention “that it came up on our radar screen”.


Exactly. You get to decide why it came up on your radar screen. The point in the video you’re referring to is simply that it being vacant should not be the reason.

I have found that many (approx 20% -25%)of the vacant homes ARE on the MLS (I’m also a Realtor). Is there no way to have the system eliminate these ? If they’re on the MLS, they are likely syndicated on most of the typical real estate web sites. Can’t some clever computer geek (I say that in a positive way) figure it out ?

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