26 Must Know Tips That’ll Help You Get Started In Real Estate – Part 2

Today, I am going to reveal the remaining critical tips for learning how to get started in real estate and become the successful investor you desire to be.

In my last informative post, we covered everything from recognizing opportunity, to accepting failures, to understanding the real reason why you’re in the real estate investment business.

Today, we’re going to discuss the final 13 tips and best practices.

As I mentioned previously, knowing and understanding all of these keys will help you achieve REI success and then continue to grow your business. They are that important, friends.

So let’s get back to it….

14- Be Ethical

This one should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…

Do the right thing. That’s it.

Treat others how you want to be treated; work with the genuine intention of helping others; be honest and true to your word; and, of course, abide by laws as they apply to real estate investing.

You’d be surprised how many unethical investors are out there, but you’re not one of them. Be a good person, and you will stand apart from the competition.

15- Don’t Accept Negativity

Build a force field around yourself that repels negativity!

Negativity is contagious, and nobody is immune. There is so much negativity around us right now it’s ridiculous.

You’ve got to tune it out or you too will catch the disease.

16- Pursue Your Goals

Always be on a passionate pursuit to achieve your goals. Each one builds on the last, so achieve them. Remember that your goals are like a travel destination – getting there is half the fun!

17- Ask for Help

Be willing to ask for, or even pay for, help. If you think that you can do it alone without the help of mentors and a team to back you up, you’re wrong. Resisting the help of others means denying yourself one of the most gratifying human interactions ever – camaraderie.

It feels good to work with others, and it feels even better to feed off the energy and synergy that comes with teamwork. Ask for help, work with others to achieve your goals – and great things will happen.

18- Always Be Improving

Strive for constant improvement. Never be satisfied with where you are today, and recognize that you can always do better. So when you think you’ve nailed it, look for an even more efficient and profitable way to do what you did well (or not so well).

19- Work When You Work

Be present and focus on the job at hand. Work when you need to work, or (mark my words) you’ll pay for it handsomely. Tune out distractions and stay connected to your work.

20- Play When You Play

Same rules apply here… Learn to let go when it’s time to play. Leave work behind when you are with family and friends. Use your downtime to refresh your mind, so you can come back to work fully focused and in the game. You deserve “play time,” and remember (rewind to #8 of our last post) that if you work hard, you’ll enjoy your relaxation time even more, guilt-free.

21- Live Within Your Means

Get started in real estate today

Plain and simple. You will be broke no matter how much you make until you learn to live within your means. If you are currently NOT living within your means, it may not be entirely your fault. We’re surrounded by poor examples everywhere, and we’ve interpreted living outside of our means as being the American standard. But it shouldn’t be, and you will never get ahead until you understand what it means to create a budget and stick to it.

22- Enjoy the Finer Things

Learn to enjoy the finer things in life. It’s easier said than done, and I say that based on experience. It’s tough to enjoy expensive dinners, the Mercedes parked in your driveway, that new Rolex on your wrist. But you’ve got to push past the guilt and realize that hard work should pay off. It’s okay to reap the rewards of your blood, sweat and tears – so give yourself props for building a successful and profitable business – but… within your means!

23- Love to Learn

Learn to love learning and never stop learning. If you meet someone who thinks they know it all, run away and don’t look back. I learned to love to learn in college, but not everyone embraces it. I challenge you to change your mindset if needed, and realize that being open to learning new things every day will only make you a savvy, more knowledgeable investor.

24- Understand the Value of Time

Know the value of your time and be particular with how you use it. Time bandits are wealth bandits… Turn off the TV and stop obsessing about Fantasy football. Of course, there’s a time and place for hobbies and downtime, but make sure those hobbies don’t become time bandits.

25- Follow Through

It’s as simple as this… Do what you say you’re going to do. This ties back to keeping your word and working ethically – but follow through is also about getting stuff done. Set goals for yourself daily and knock them out to put yourself in prime position for the next task at hand… and keep this momentum going. Following through will ensure that you don’t fall behind, you only get ahead. Following though with your commitments will enhance your credibility which will enhance your business. Keep in mind that doing what you said you would do requires you to become skilled at using the word “no”.

26- Have Faith

We’ll conclude with this one because it’s warm and fuzzy.

Believe in yourself and in your ability to do great things. Believe in your business, trust in the team of experts who back you up and help you build your business. Have faith that with hard work, determination and education, you WILL achieve investing success.

You’ve Got the Keys, Now Drive

So there you have it – the 26 critical keys you need to know for getting started in real estate investing.

Read them today, tomorrow and any time you start to doubt what you’re doing, why you’re doing it or if you even CAN do it. And remember… it’s necessary to expect failure, doubts and cynics… because after all… they are very real parts of success.

So… put these keys into daily practice and watch how your business starts to change for the better (and your personal life, too, for that matter).

These tips can help you overcome limitations, hesitations and obstacles, so you can become wildly successful in both business… and life.

And always remember that you can do ANYTHING you want in this life; sometimes you just need a little reminder. If you want to achieve more in your personal life and in your business, then you may benefit from my powerful FREE training, which is loaded with PURE motivational content that you won’t want to miss. This training is designed to get you focused and on the right track to start crushing your goals…

Get started in real estate with these keys

Best Regards,

Cameron Dunlap

Focus is not Hocus Pocus!

Do you know how important it is for you to be focused if you want to be successful? Most people don’t. Most people are incapable of real focus and then wonder why they aren’t successful at anything they attempt in business.

If you have trouble keeping your head down and focusing on your business and are aware of it, you’re halfway to the solution. If you were not aware of the importance, my hope is that this article will provide that awareness. Either way my hope is that this article will help you build a bigger more successful business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, at heart or in practice, you probably have the same issue I have which is that I cannot get through a day without seeing a very interesting business opportunity. You know, where you’re going about your day and spot a “problem” that you could solve or a process you could make easier and think… “Now there’s a business opportunity”. After all, the best businesses are started by identifying a problem or inefficiency and solving or optimizing it.

I’m not sure if seeing at least one business opportunity
per day is a curse or a blessing…

but I do know for sure that if you let it distract you from your core business, or project or competency, it’s likely to cost you more than it will ever make you.

The fact is, the way to become successful is to work hard at something… One thing… for (usually) a long period of time and stay focused and become the best at it. Naturally that process will involve delegation (something entrepreneurs generally stink at) and will involve growth in order to reach your goals. Then, and only then, is it safe to pick your head up and look at other opportunities.

Most people can’t keep their heads down. They’re constantly looking at and chasing other opportunities and either think they can do the “old thing” and “new thing” simultaneously, or worse, up and walk away from the “old thing” perhaps right when they were on the cusp of true success.

Know anyone like that? Know anyone like that REALLY WELL?!

Maybe it’s boredom or maybe it’s A.D.D. or maybe it’s the need for instant gratification, but if you don’t remain focused, with your head down, shutting out the distractions, you are unlikely to ever be truly successful at anything.

Some call this the shiny object syndrome.

This is where the shiny object catches your eye and you’re off like a shot in that direction, abandoning what you were just doing.

Most folks who get caught in this trap are more than ½ way to being successful at what they were doing and so turning back or starting something new is that much more of a set back. It’s like being ¾ of the way to your destination – and perhaps not knowing it – and then turning back because you’re frustrated by the fact that you’re not there yet.

squirrelAnother analogy would be the dog that’s chasing a car that sees a rabbit and starts chasing it until it sees a squirrel and starts chasing it and so on. It’s a gigantic waste of energy, is extremely frustrating and… leaves you feeling like a failure because, well… you are!

It’s time to focus – at whatever you’re doing. Doing something over and over again, the process of trial and error, and truly becoming successful takes time, energy, money and perhaps most importantly… it takes focus. It needs your undivided attention.

I see a lack of focus with Real Estate Investors all the time. They go from one niche strategy program to the next and to the next and to the next, never buckling down and focusing on any of them. This is a waste of time and money for sure.

If you go to Home Depot and buy a shovel, it’s not any good to you till you actually go and dig a whole with it. In fact if it were in the garage leaning against the wall, you could stand there pointing at it and argue that it doesn’t work. You’d be right because it doesn’t work – until you pick it up and use it!

Something I hear that all the time from want-to-be Real Estate Investors is… “That program doesn’t work”. Then I think, really?! It doesn’t work, or you didn’t work it? The shovel doesn’t work either, right?

I have suffered from the shiny object syndrome myself, and I know from experience that it’s better to get to work with the tools you already have than it is to keep pursuing other opportunities or acquiring other tools.

Start the process. Do the doing! Get to work!!

I feel fortunate to have figured this out at a relatively young age and as such have much to show for it and to be proud of.

You may decide you don’t like the process, or that you’re not good at it, but it takes time to come to those conclusions in a meaningful way. Then if that’s the case, of course, move on, but because you were focused and put real effort into it, you know you’ve made an informed decision and… you likely will have built value that can be sold or bartered.

I know people who have spent most of their lives jumping from one thing, to the next and to the next, and who are now getting older and have little or nothing to show for the unfocused, disjointed effort they put in over all those years. Had they focused on a core competency, they’d have built big businesses.

Focus is a make you or break you issue that is
not often talked about, but is insanely important.

Sometimes I’m asked… “You own multiple successful businesses, how did you make that happen when focus is so important. How could you have remain focused and yet build multiple businesses? Aren’t multiple businesses an example of suffering from the shiny object syndrome?”

They’re good questions! Their ones I’ve given a lot of thought to and have talked to people about to get their observations and I’ve come up with a few answers.

One thing I’ve come to discover is that I am a huge action taker – an implementation MONSTER. I do a lot less talking and thinking about what I’m going to do and more about what I am doing that moment to generate revenue and build the business. I don’t dilly dally when I’ve made a decision – I get to work on it RIGHT THEN.

Another is that while my businesses are different, they are all “verticals” of each other. In other words, they all stem from one core business and that is Real Estate Investing. I am an investor first and everything else stems from that by reaching into a vertical market.

Then I have come to learn to keep my head down and get really good at doing what I’m working on, then delegate most of it so I can manage the process, without having to actually do it, and watch it continue to grow with less and less of my personal involvement. Then and ONLY then will I pick my head up and look around – always immediately seeing a vertical opportunity.

I also have a little trick I use to scratch the shiny object itch when I get it, while my head is down. What I do is buy a domain or 2 that I know I’ll need when and if I decide to pursue the idea. That way I know I have the right domain in my “domain bank” and I can feel relieved having scratched the itch and get right BACK TO WORK! This has been a real saving grace for me, because like most entrepreneurs, I too suffer from some degree of O.C.D. and A.D.D. The only downside is that I have about 350 domains!!

To deal with all those domains, I take about an hour a year to go through my account and turn off the “auto renew” button on the ones I now know I’m not ever going to pursue. On those, I have simply lost the itch or have come to my senses.

Combining those strategies has allowed me to grow multiple businesses. Along the way I have also surrounded myself with very smart, motivated and loyal people who keep the focus and allow me to spend more time at high altitude with my eye on the horizon, so I can see the challenges and opportunities before they are at our doorstep.

So, I ask you… are you completely focused on your business? Do you agree it deserves your focus? Do you see where picking your head up has cost you? Are you willing to put your head down, focus and take massive action?

If your answer to each of those 4 questions is yes, you are on your way to success!

Focus, work hard NOW, be patient and I will see you at the top!!

Cameron Dunlap

P.S. I’d love to hear your comments below.

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Dream Stealers Stink!

I’m seriously ticked off.

Here’s why:

I had a conversation yesterday with a fellow named Anthony. He explained to me how up until very recently, he really wanted to get into the Real Estate business and take advantage of the unique opportunity we have. In particular he wanted to get into foreclosures. Who could blame him for being excited?

He went on to tell me about a conversation he just recently had with an agent who, in a very short period of time, utterly convinced him that there was NO WAY he could make money on foreclosures. The Realtor was knowingly or unknowingly stealing Anthony’s dream. The Realtor went on to say, that because she has ‘been in the business for 15 years’ she is an expert and that he would be wise to heed her warning. Sadly, Anthony let her scare him into believing her.

Would you?

If you think about it, that agent did herself, Anthony, the local community, and the real estate market as a whole, a real disservice because there is a fortune to be made in foreclosures right now, whether she knows it or not. The proof is overwhelming. The good that would have come from his potential success would have had a ripple effect into the community in numerous ways. Sadly, it won’t be happening.

What gets my blood boiling is that agent was flat wrong and yet was able to convince Anthony that there was no opportunity. You can bet that during our conversation I gave it my all to turn him back around and get him back on the track, but it was too late. He was convinced and there was no changing his mind.

Why was the agent so willing to convince Anthony of something so irrefutably wrong? I have a theory that I’ll share in a moment, but I can’t help wonder what the agent’s been doing for the last 15 years if she sees no opportunity to buy right and do deals in THIS market.

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the years. When you and I are in a position where we are looking for guidance or advice, unfortunately we often ask a person who, when given the opportunity, finds some odd pleasure (conscious or subconscious) in imposing their will on us, rather than truly helping us, in a positive way.

Like when someone tells you, “you can’t do that” – even when they’re dead wrong and perhaps worse, have no idea what they’re talking about.

Have you ever noticed that?

What I’ve discovered is sometimes when you ask for guidance or advice from someone who or isn’t sure of what your asking, or simply doesn’t know the answer, they might say “you can’t do that” because it allows them to maintain their position of authority over you and it’s much more comfortable than admitting they don’t know.

Think about it. If this person were to say, “Gee, I’m not sure” or “I don’t know anything about it”, or “I’ve never done it, so I’m not one to offer advice”, or “I tried and it didn’t work for me”, they would give up their position of authority over you. In fact, they’d come down to “your level” and really be more like a peer than the authority they feel like they should be. This is not a comfortable place for this type of person.

So why do they feed you B.S. rather than just be honest and candid? It’s because their ego or self esteem is so fragile that the mere thought of you finding out they don’t know the “answer” and maybe they aren’t as smart or experienced as they’ve presented themselves to be, is overwhelming to them.

Their desire to be seen as the brilliant authority overrides their desire to be honest and humble.

You know what I mean?

I see this as a low brow form of manipulation and trickery. Is it dishonest? I don’t know. I think it comes so naturally for some folks, that it’s hard to call it honest or dishonest. I also believe that for some it is subconscious.

Negativity is all around us in our lives and so there are people ALL AROUND YOU who are like this, to the core, and who will happily ruin your day or worse, steal your dream, if you let them.

They come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of backgrounds and professions. They’re all around you – all the time. Family, and friends included!

Your ability to succeed in anything, will come from your ability to take episodes like Anthony’s in stride or better, completely tune it out!

How about the media? That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about, on a LARGE scale.

The media, if you let it, will convince you that the economy is in the toilet and may never recover, and that you and your loved ones are going to die of H1N1 Flu, if it suits their purpose!

I believe that you and I need to quietly question everything we hear and make our own evaluations and judgments based on our own thinking and experiences. We need to be critical, independent thinkers. Always remember that someone else’s opinion of what you can or can’t do with your life, is just that… their opinion, and it should have no bearing on what believe, your goals or your aspirations.

So, anytime you hear the words “you can’t do that”, I strongly suggest you doubt what you’re hearing and insist on drawing your own conclusions. Otherwise, you may be doomed to a life of mediocrity.

As you may know, I’ve been in the business of buying and selling real estate since 1993 and I’ve seen up, down and sideways markets. I’ve bought and sold all kinds of properties. Heck, I have 4 under contract as I write this. I and many of my students have made, and continue to make a killing in Real Estate, in spite of the dream stealers.

You can do the same!

I say there has never been a better time to make a fortune in Real Estate than right now, and YOU deserve to be part of it. It’s time for you to get your share of the “More than 3.4 million homes are expected to be foreclosed on in this year alone.” – CNNMoney.com

You are worthy of good health, wealth and happiness. You’re entitled to have your own definition of success!

Anyone who tells you otherwise simply wants to steal your dream. Don’t let it happen!

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If you’d like a custom wristband to remind you that you deserve to be healthy, wealthy and happy, go to www.IDeserveToBeHealthyWealthyAndHappy.com. I wear mine every day.

I hope you will learn from Anthony’s situation and never let it happen to you. Don’t let the dream stealers get you!

Your friend and advocate…

Cameron Dunlap

PS. Please leave your comments below and tell me what you’re thinking? Have you had an encounter with a dream stealer? Tell me about it!