Special Announcement and Quiz Answer

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I sent an email a few days ago about my big announcement and with a Real Estate quiz at my blog. Thanks go out to all the folks who participated in the quiz.

The correct answer is #4, Cash Buyers! The quiz, if you missed it, click to go to the blog post “Put on your thinking cap”.

That’s what the big announcement is about… Cash Buyers.

You probably don’t know that my team and I go to great lengths (and expense) to provide Cash Buyer Information to our best clients. We call it our Cash Buyer Data Feed and until recently it’s only been available to my top Mentorship/Partnership students and funding clients. It’s very exclusive. It took us 2 years to figure out how to acquire this info!

There are +/- 60k new Cash Buyers added to the system every month, and you can get unlimited access to all of them, your choice of state or nationwide. Then, of course there are the right tools, so you can communicate with them and turn the data into spendable cash.

This Cash Buyer info, is so incredibly powerful and helpful to my top students and clients that words can hardly describe it. Think about it. We’re talking Cash Buyers. They’re the best buyers in the business. They’re easy to deal with. They don’t bail out on good deals, and they buy again and again!

Let’s just say that with known, recent cash buyers at your finger tips… you’re talking deals done! BIG TIME.

The announcement is this. I have decided to offer a FREE search with this Cash Buyer Information. 

You heard that right…for FREE.

Why, because I want to give you the chance to see how many cash buyers are actually in your market BEFORE you sign up.

If you don’t like what you seeā€¦ no problem. Don’t sign up for unlimited Cash Buyer info right at your fingertips.

But…what do you get AFTER you’re satisfied with your FREE search and you sign up?

Well, my team and I have built out a special web site with a super easy to use dashboard interface, where you’ll have easy access to Cash Buyers from your market. There’s also our “mail manager” direct mail system, task manager and more. The tools that will help you turn this data into spendable cash.

Go right now to the Cash Buyer Data Feed Search. <— Click there to enter your zip code and select your distance from your zip and BAM! You’ll be blown away by how many Cash Buyers are hidden right in your market.

Get in on this right now.


Cam Dunlap

PS. Again, if you missed the quiz, click here to go to that blog post.

PPS. To see how many Cash Buyers are in your market for FREE CLICK HERE NOW

PPSS. Be sure and let me know what you’re thinking below. I want your feedback!

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24 thoughts on “Special Announcement and Quiz Answer

Waka Waka ! Sounds like the deal of the $entury, Cam!

Is this Kent C’s cash buyer system? I only ask because I’m in Massacusetts and his system does not work in my state.
Please let me know

Rocky. No, it’s not. We have data in Mass. CT & Maryland too.


I have had Cam’s ‘Cash Buyer Data Feed’. Strap on the feed bag, It’s tasty! Lots of cash buyers in your area!

SIGN ME UP YESTERDAY!!!! Sounds like what I need to take it to the next level so I can stop using other wholesalers to move my deals!! When are u coming back to ACRE Pittsburgh?

Are these only US properties? If not,as an example, what would be available & at what price in the Calgary, Alberta area?

Cam,does this include email addresses too, or just physical mailing addresses?

No email addresses at this time. That info is generally not collected for public record info. My belief is that we will start to see emails in the future.

If I sign up for this will I be competing with alot of people for these cash buyers?

Without going into a long explanation of what and how costly a scarcity mentality is, the answer is no!

Wow ????sounds like an awesome incentive to participate!

I have signed up for the for the Cash Buyers Data Feed and I am “wowed” by the number of cash buyers given in listing and the possibilities of this great tool that you are providing to us! Many thanks, Cam, because you are “right on target” as always!

Cam, This Data Feed of Cash Buyers is completely amazing. Thanks for putting this all together for us and the opportunity it brings.

It sounds super. I can’t wait to make deals. Does this include property deals in Florida?
I real appreciate the hard work and planning to help others do deals. You have a genius mind. Great!

The Cash Buyer Data Feed includes cash buyers in all 50 states, including Florida!


This is an incredible offer and too good to pass up.

This is my third week as a mentoring student. As such, I’m already receiving Cash Buyers Data Feed. So what I need to do next is to reach out to the buyers. (I need to look into how to do so; i.e., what is being suggested by you, Cameron, about sending postcards, letters, etc.) It sounds like the Data Feed may negate the need to put ads in Craig’s List, for instance, to build Cash Buyers’ List. Please confirm that Cash Buyers Data Feed would suffice – in a much more efficient and effective way..

The Cash Buyer Data feed does JUST ABOUT negate the need to build a buyers list but, there are buyers in every market, who may have cash, who have not bought yet – and therefore are NOT yet on public record as a cash buyer. So what I do, and suggest you do, is do both. Web lead buyers, captured at your (iFlip) buyers web site, may end up buying your properties too – even though they have not yet, publicly, demonstrated their ability to do so.

As far as contacting the cash buyers on the list provided in the Cash Buyer Data Feed, please utilize our mail manager and letter generator tools. There you will find pre-templated letters and post cards, that I wrote, use and suggest, as well as the ability to create your own customer letters and post cards when you have a specific property or properties to promote.

Thank you for your quick response, Cameron. Looking forward to your Deal Maker Webinar tonight!!

Cam, how large a radius do you recommend we mail to

Thanks Cameron for lettinge take my business to
the next level.

The average profit is $11,500 which is more than twice the average of wholesaling flipping houses and at least three times what is customary in my area South Chicago Suburbs and Northeastern Indiana.
I have doubts that this is true or you can count on it. I think it makes sense to count on a quick turnover but not three times the profit.

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