Why No Fee Funding Works – Transactional Funding For Your Deals With No fees and No Points!

When the parts of the Dodd-Frank act that apply to Real Estate went into effect I announced that I’d be offering funding on deals without ANY fees whatsoever. It’s been a major industry disruption, to say the least.

Even my peers told me I was crazy to do it!

Many people even told me that No fee Funding Is “too good to be true and you couldn’t possibly offer that and stay in business”!

That’s why I created this short video for you today.

Watch it now and discover how I’ve been able to offer this program and not only prove my naysayers wrong, but also help hundreds of investors, just like you, create substantial real estate profits without paying any fees or points!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I personally monitor and respond to them. I’m very interested in your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “Why No Fee Funding Works – Transactional Funding For Your Deals With No fees and No Points!

Camron this is amazing to see i need this so bad I get great off market deals i want to flip but the budget is more the 600,000. I want to be an investor so bad I can Taste it in my mouth.

Cameron, you got students, fund deals in South Florida, REO, rehabs? I visiting my family in Ocala for Christmas holiday, want to make a deal happen as a new wholesaler.

We have several students in FL and we fund deals there regularly!


Cameron, this is the best offer I ever heard of, can’t wait to find some good deals to contact you “that’s the only thing that was holding me back” can’t thank you enough my best regards to you sir.

Hello my name is Andrei I am interested in your same day funding. I have deal but I do not have the $1,500 fee. The deal is short sale the bank has resale Claus I have to hold for 90 days. After I resale I have buyer. Do you have program that would allow 90 days funding. Please advise thank you.

We offer same day / next day funding only.

Thanks for your interest.


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