How To Find Private Money For Your Real Estate Deals

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On this 100% content training you’ll …

  • Learn how to find and approach active private lenders for your deals, no matter your experience level!
  • Start using the built-in tools to make your job as an investor easier and more profitable (automated mail manager, heat maps, self-mailer tool, and more!) 
  • And more!

Plus, at the end we did a LIVE Q&A session where we answered ALL of the most burning questions from attendees.

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Cam Dunlap

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3 thoughts on “How To Find Private Money For Your Real Estate Deals

I’m just getting my feet wet . How do I approach potential investors when I have 0 funds myself ?

Hi Bryon. What I recommend is that you focus on what you have to offer. That’s a great return in a safe investment. When you’re new it’s not easy to remember that you have what they are looking for. In fact, it’s arguable that they need you as much or more than you need them! Keeping these facts in mind when you’re talking to a potential private lender will serve you well.

I hope this helps.


Wow! That was the “Aha!” that I needed.
Excellent, simple advice.
Thank you so much Cameron!!!

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