26 Must Know Tips That’ll Help You Get Started In Real Estate – Part 2

Today, I am going to reveal the remaining critical tips for learning how to get started in real estate and become the successful investor you desire to be.

In my last informative post, we covered everything from recognizing opportunity, to accepting failures, to understanding the real reason why you’re in the real estate investment business.

Today, we’re going to discuss the final 13 tips and best practices.

As I mentioned previously, knowing and understanding all of these keys will help you achieve REI success and then continue to grow your business. They are that important, friends.

So let’s get back to it….

14- Be Ethical

This one should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…

Do the right thing. That’s it.

Treat others how you want to be treated; work with the genuine intention of helping others; be honest and true to your word; and, of course, abide by laws as they apply to real estate investing.

You’d be surprised how many unethical investors are out there, but you’re not one of them. Be a good person, and you will stand apart from the competition.

15- Don’t Accept Negativity

Build a force field around yourself that repels negativity!

Negativity is contagious, and nobody is immune. There is so much negativity around us right now it’s ridiculous.

You’ve got to tune it out or you too will catch the disease.

16- Pursue Your Goals

Always be on a passionate pursuit to achieve your goals. Each one builds on the last, so achieve them. Remember that your goals are like a travel destination – getting there is half the fun!

17- Ask for Help

Be willing to ask for, or even pay for, help. If you think that you can do it alone without the help of mentors and a team to back you up, you’re wrong. Resisting the help of others means denying yourself one of the most gratifying human interactions ever – camaraderie.

It feels good to work with others, and it feels even better to feed off the energy and synergy that comes with teamwork. Ask for help, work with others to achieve your goals – and great things will happen.

18- Always Be Improving

Strive for constant improvement. Never be satisfied with where you are today, and recognize that you can always do better. So when you think you’ve nailed it, look for an even more efficient and profitable way to do what you did well (or not so well).

19- Work When You Work

Be present and focus on the job at hand. Work when you need to work, or (mark my words) you’ll pay for it handsomely. Tune out distractions and stay connected to your work.

20- Play When You Play

Same rules apply here… Learn to let go when it’s time to play. Leave work behind when you are with family and friends. Use your downtime to refresh your mind, so you can come back to work fully focused and in the game. You deserve “playtime,” and remember (rewind to #8 of our last post) that if you work hard, you’ll enjoy your relaxation time even more, guilt-free.

21- Live Within Your Means

Get started in real estate today

Plain and simple. You will be broke no matter how much you make until you learn to live within your means. If you are currently NOT living within your means, it may not be entirely your fault. We’re surrounded by poor examples everywhere, and we’ve interpreted living outside of our means as being the American standard. But it shouldn’t be, and you will never get ahead until you understand what it means to create a budget and stick to it.

22- Enjoy the Finer Things

Learn to enjoy the finer things in life. It’s easier said than done, and I say that based on experience. It’s tough to enjoy expensive dinners, the Mercedes parked in your driveway, that new Rolex on your wrist. But you’ve got to push past the guilt and realize that hard work should pay off. It’s okay to reap the rewards of your blood, sweat and tears – so give yourself props for building a successful and profitable business – but… within your means!

23- Love to Learn

Learn to love learning and never stop learning. If you meet someone who thinks they know it all, run away and don’t look back. I learned to love to learn in college, but not everyone embraces it. I challenge you to change your mindset if needed and realize that being open to learning new things every day will only make you a savvy, more knowledgeable investor.

24- Understand the Value of Time

Know the value of your time and be particular about how you use it. Time bandits are wealth bandits… Turn off the TV and stop obsessing about Fantasy football. Of course, there’s a time and place for hobbies and downtime, but make sure those hobbies don’t become time bandits.

25- Follow Through

It’s as simple as this… Do what you say you’re going to do. This ties back to keeping your word and working ethically – but follow-through is also about getting stuff done. Set goals for yourself daily and knock them out to put yourself in a prime position for the next task at hand… and keep this momentum going. Following through will ensure that you don’t fall behind, you only get ahead. Following through with your commitments will enhance your credibility which will enhance your business. Keep in mind that doing what you said you would do requires you to become skilled at using the word “no”.

26- Have Faith

We’ll conclude with this one because it’s warm and fuzzy.

Believe in yourself and in your ability to do great things. Believe in your business, trust in the team of experts who back you up and help you build your business. Have faith that with hard work, determination and education, you WILL achieve investing success.

You’ve Got the Keys, Now Drive

So there you have it – the 26 critical keys you need to know for getting started in real estate investing.

Read them today, tomorrow and any time you start to doubt what you’re doing, why you’re doing it or if you even CAN do it. And remember… it’s necessary to expect failure, doubts and cynics… because after all… they are very real parts of success.

So… put these keys into daily practice and watch how your business starts to change for the better (and your personal life, too, for that matter).

These tips can help you overcome limitations, hesitations and obstacles, so you can become wildly successful in both business… and life.

And always remember that you can do ANYTHING you want in this life; sometimes you just need a little reminder. If you want to achieve more in your personal life and in your business, then you may benefit from my powerful FREE training, which is loaded with PURE motivational content that you won’t want to miss. This training is designed to get you focused and on the right track to start crushing your goals…

Get started in real estate with these keys

Best Regards,

Cameron Dunlap

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2 thoughts on “26 Must Know Tips That’ll Help You Get Started In Real Estate – Part 2

You have to acquire the knowledge base, get educated.
Become familiar with the “tools” and know how to use them. Then use them!
Seek advice from those who have “Been there, done it.” Get a Mentor.
Work, Work and work some more. Put all the above into forward motion.
Have confidence in what you are striving for. Avoid negativity and fear. They will steal your Dreams.
And… “Success is often disguised by Hard work.”

Great list of reminders Cam. I’ll read them regularly whenever I need a boost!!

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