Kansas Investor Closes 12 Deals Using MY FUNDING

I’m really excited about some of the recent Deal Maker Club calls I’ve been doing with my students. I’ve been interviewing some of my student customers that I’ve funded deals for recently and I am pumped about how well they’ve been doing. I can’t wait to do more!

The successes, challenges, and “Ah-ha” moments are so real and raw that I actually had an “Ah-ha” moment of my own….why not SHARE these calls? We all know that we learn from others’ experiences as well as our own, right?

Actually, I’m hoping that a few things will come from me sharing these calls with you……

  • Bring you encouragement. Knowing that other investors are out there right now, at this very minute closing deals and making profits has got to get you excited!
  • Push you out of your comfort zone. Exposure to what’s working for others and how they’ve grown their businesses will help you push past your limiting beliefs and get you doing more deals!
  • Get you turning your wheels & being creative! You will hear some really great ways that other investors, just like yourself, have curved out their own corner of business, or niche so to speak, and have created some really unique opportunities for themselves.
  • Combat those “Dream Stealers” – those negative influences that may be around you or in your ear. The FACT is that most of those people use their fear to keep others down and I don’t want that to happen to you!

So, if you haven’t already, check out my interview with John below. John’s from Kansas and I’ve funded 12 deals for him. He’s also a licensed Real Estate Agent…..so for anyone who’s been struggling with a Realtor telling them “this can’t be done,” here are 12 reasons to PROVE that YES, IT CAN!

Congrats to John! I’m really excited for him to meet his new goal of expanding his business to other areas and states – with 5 deals in his pipeline, I see more funding in my future!
Stay tuned, more Deal Club interviews to come……

Be sure to leave your comments below. I want to know what you’re thinking!


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9 thoughts on “Kansas Investor Closes 12 Deals Using MY FUNDING

When John says that he has five under contract and he is looking for buyers. Is he still using the 2% money for however long it takes to sell?

Hi Tom & Melody. Everything we’ve done for him has been same day.


Hi Cam, I appreciate you! :o)

I have been following you for years now but due to analysis paralysis, divorce and a number of other issues or excuses, I have not participated in nothing more than the webinars and listening in on interviews.

I love your website, host of information, resources and opportunities that is available to us. This interview is extremely helpful and I do plan on using your funding sometime in the near future. Keep up the good work!!

Sonya Whitley

Very good and informative call. I’m also a Realtor in the Miami area and John has inspired me to do the same here in Miami. The one thing that I would love to hear from John is after he is under contract with those properties he finds on the MLS, then how does he finds buyers. Typically for us Realtors is to list them in the MLS, but that’s not possible since they’re already listed.

Maria. He has and continues to use iFlip to build and communicate with his buyer list. He also uses our Cash Buyer Data Feed.


Very interesing interview with John, John is an example that it can be done. Although John keeps his side of the commission(it works well for John)paying the Realtor double would bring in more business and Realtors do not recieve much so John would make a big difference in a Realtors life if he did pay him a double paycheck. However, the experience gained on John’s behalf helps me plenty from this interview and I congratulate John. And I just finished the CD course yesterday and looking foward to making a hugh difference in my life as well as someone else’s with this Fanta$tic $y$tem!

The interview with John was awesome. John has set the stage for a lot of us to follow: I agree with you Cameron; John should expand to other states especially if the group he’s working with has relatives and/or friends in other states that need properties. This interview was God sent; I will make sure I use the iflip System and Cameron’s transactional funds to the max. Cameron, good job on giving people hope and changing a lot of lives. You have definitely given me hope and has changed my life.

Hello Cam,
Many thanks for all the varied resources that you continue to provide to us which I am not utilizing to fullest as yet but looking forward to doing so! The interview with John was great and very encouraging!
Minnie Brandon

How is John finding his cash buyers? Is he only working in the very low prices-under 15k? Is he willing to share the margins he is making and the sales price point? If he is willing to share it would be helpful to walk through some of his average deals from start to finish. Thanks.

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