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13 thoughts on “The 2 Big Reasons People Quit or Fail in the Real Estate Business


Inspirational! Thanks for all that you do. I can’t wait to get my seaplane. I hope you are as good at pilot instruction as you are at real estate educating.

Nick Graff

Hey Cameron,

You’re truly wonderful. Thank you for providing us investors with great, reliable resources and stellar education.

Cam, What do you do when you have no money.. I mean no money.. not enough to buy all these great packages or coaching or software?

I suggest you buy a book on the subject. I’m working on one now that I will have out soon. That’s the least expensive way to get a lot of the details. Then… FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!

Well , Fake it! till you make! That is a good , but what about those who just can’t fakeit! or pretend . I guess the next step will be to quit, right? I’d say just keep on keeping on cause something go to give… Thanks for inspirational feed back and comments in the real estate marketplace, Today am more confident than I was yesterday and the day before. But where there is a will there is a way. Thanks!!

Like Donna, I have no money at all. I’m 53, my health is bad, and the best I can do is work part-time at McDonald’s! How do I come up with the Earnest Money deposit? I have no credit cards, savings, etc. Do you have sources that your students can access for this? I really believe that your system is the one I’ve been looking for all these years, so how can I work this out?


I suggest you work with a partner on the first deal or two. One that can put up the EMD in exchange for a split of the profit. It will only be a deal or 2 before you don’t need a partner any more.

Hello Cam,
Will the amount of EMD,deposit needed be based on the purchasing price of the property. I’ve heard people say that they have put as little as $ 10.00 down on property when they are doing a contract, but how credible will this look to a seller who is expecting you to buy their property.

cam, what type of exit strategy and deals can i used your transactional fundings? Please tell me. Can i use it to wholesale contract? or, rehab? rentals? i don’t quite understand what transactions do i need for the transactional fundings? is that the same as “proof of funds”? what is proof of funds? is that the same as “show money”? Eplain further the difference between the two. thanks,


Jose, my funding is for wholesaling. Not for rehabs or rentals.

Proof of funds (and mine is verifiable) is how you get your offers accepted. Bank sellers won’t even consider your offer without it.

I suggest you watch the video where I spell it all out for you. Click here to check it out.


Cam – what happens if your purchase the REO and the buyer backs out and you can not find another buyer?


What you should do if that happens is go to a back up buyer. If it’s priced right you should have back up buyers and if you’ve priced it right, it’s VERY unlikely that your buyer will back out, especially if it’s a cash buyer.

You may need to ask the seller for an extension of contract in order not to have it expire on you.


Thanks for all of your information and all you do, but where do you find a real estate agent that has the knowledge of what a real estate investor wholesale are doing?

Wanda Doyle

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