Deal Maker Interview – How This Father-Son Duo Utilized The REI Trifecta Program To Make $12k In Profits On One Deal!

transactional funding

It has been some time since my last Deal Maker Interview, but the deals using my NO FEE transactional funding have NOT stopped…

In fact, our Funding department has remained very active, even through the pandemic, and we’ve been funding deals nearly every day for our students!

I recently sat down with Leon Felder and his 16-year-old son, Will, to learn how they worked together to make over $12,000 in profits on one deal! This is the Felder’s second deal using my NO FEE transactional funding and you’ll notice when you listen in how excited they are to spread the

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal? What Just Happened In Illinois?

When I’m asked by a new Real Estate investor where they should start, I usually encourage them to start their investing career with wholesaling. Without a doubt, this strategy requires the least amount of money, expertise, time, and risk. It’s the perfect place to start because it’s where you can get the fastest, easiest “win” and when you’re new, that first win is like a newborn baby’s first breath of air. It’s critically important.

But…what exactly IS wholesaling real estate, what does it entail, and is it legal? 

What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling is simply finding a good deal and then

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Stay Out of Hot Water by Avoiding This ONE BIG Mistake With Subject to Deals

Let me start by saying that I am not an attorney and my intention is not to render legal advise in this article. Instead what I’m offering is my experience, and it’s pretty vast. Naturally, you should seek your own legal council relating to your business. Ok, with that said… Doing a subject to deal refers to taking over the deed of a property subject to the existing mortgage on a house. It can be a confusing area, and sometimes you’ll even be told that it’s impossible or even…illegal! Hear me now… it’s not illegal, but you do need to

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Here’s Your Proven Real Estate Marketing Plan for Selling Investment Properties Quickly!

Did you know…there are several ways to get your properties sold and reach investors in your area QUICKLY? (Hint: your real estate marketing may play a major role in this aspect) One of my students recently contracted a single-family home in the Orlando, Florida area: a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1-car garage, with a heated swimming pool. He’s offering the property at $99k cash as an investor special. And, he’s wondering – what’s the BEST way to reach out to the investor community for a quick sale? Read on as I share a few ideas about how to sell quickly and why

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