Strategies For Your REI Marketing Budget That Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for REI marketing strategies that will bring in business without breaking the bank?

You’ve come to the right place!

The key here is to use both reactive and proactive marketing

Think of reactive marketing as your defense like football. Reactive marketing means that motivated sellers find and contact you (not your competitor) when they want to sell a property. The best way to make that happen is to have a strong website so that you come up on Google searches.

Proactive marketing is your offense.

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Direct Mail For Motivated Sellers Isn’t Dead

Your real estate success starts with the seller (one who is motivated and willing to sell at a bargain price) and one of the best ways to find these motivated sellers is by sending direct mail to vacant property owners. One thing’s for sure, if you aren’t talking to motivated sellers, you won’t be in this business for very long! Now you may hear people say direct mail is dead. They may say it’s a waste of time, money, resources… and to that, I say, heck no! Direct mail is alive and well, my friends. It works. Think about your email

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Small Town vs Big City: What’s The Right Real Estate Investor Marketing Strategy for Your Area?

Real estate investor marketing in small towns is SO underrated… Small town investors come to me often…and they are FILLED with questions about how to market in these areas. “Cam, will real estate investing work in my rural area?” I gotta say, it’s a fair question. The vast majority of marketing strategies we tend to see are aimed toward the “big city” metropolitan centers. However, I’m about to share with you some MAJOR ADVANTAGES of working in small towns that just might be your key to success in these areas. Let’s dig into those advantages… Familiarity If you yourself are

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Vacant House Gold: How To Spot Vacant Houses FAST

As you may know, I love vacant house deals, and that is simply because they are disguised gold mines. In my previous post, I covered the fundamentals of vacant houses. But today is a continuation with more detailed info–a lot more. In my informative post about the basics of vacant homes or abandoned property, I talked about why they have less competition than MLS and FSBO properties – and how that translates into endless opportunities that can ultimately be some of the most profitable deals you’ll ever do as an investor. We also touched on why you don’t need to personally

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