Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal? What Just Happened In Illinois?

When I’m asked by a new Real Estate investor where they should start, I usually encourage them to start their investing career with wholesaling. Without a doubt, this strategy requires the least amount of money, expertise, time, and risk. It’s the perfect place to start because it’s where you can get the fastest, easiest “win” and when you’re new, that first win is like a newborn baby’s first breath of air. It’s critically important.

But…what exactly IS wholesaling real estate, what does it entail, and is it legal? 

What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling is simply finding a good deal and then

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How To Sell A Wholesale Real Estate Deal FAST

Learn my 15 step process for selling wholesale real estate FAST! Discover secrets to finding cash buyers, negotiating good deals & what contract to use for quick cash!

You are so close! If you are reading this, there is a good probability that you have a property under contract and now you need to know how to sell a house fast. -OR- You are in the process of investing in real estate and you can just about taste a deal coming. Either way, you are in the right place to

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