How to Avoid Major “Bumps in the Road” When Wholesaling REO Properties

Investor friends, here’s a short yet interesting post that I think you’ll appreciate. It, of course has great lessons to take away…

It dawned on me that you could benefit from hearing this story about how I got past a few bumps in the road when wholesaling REO Properties with an FHA-approved REO.

You see… this could have turned into a complete disaster – with loads of time and effort lost and wasted. But thanks to some preparation and creative thinking, I managed to make it work.

I want to share this lesson with you, so you too, can see that we all will definitely encounter challenges, hiccups and even major obstacles along the way in our investing careers – but rather than get discouraged – we work through them… and we’re better for them on the other end.

The importance of a strong buyer’s list

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