The Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab: Session 4

Welcome to the fourth session of the Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab!

In today’s session, you are joined with real estate investing expert and entrepreneur, Cameron Dunlap, Real Estate Wealth Network’s Chief Marketing Officer, Josh Brown, and special guest and Founder of Legacy Capital, Doug Fath, to answer your most burning real estate questions.

We hope you enjoyed this session and, if you missed the chance to send in your questions or ideas for the first four sessions, please send them in for any future sessions by emailing them to!

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Cameron Dunlap

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4 thoughts on “The Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab: Session 4

Thanks Again for Great information! I so appreciate your dedication to US! Thanks for all the time and effort you obviously put in to keep us Informed and updated!

Thank you for all the hard work involved to prepare these presentations! It is very much appreciated….

You mentioned you would like suggestions on possible guests for future shows. I was trying to think about what type of guests that would most likely help me to advance my real estate business. Here is what I came up with… Individuals doing deals right now. I would love to know the area they are in, what type of deal it is, how they found it, and what they’ll do to exit the deal, and of course the anticipated numbers…

For instance, I am a flipper….I just closed on a sale of one house after the shut down and I have three more under contract to sell (Hoping they close), one that I just finished the rehab on and I’m getting ready to list it…. For me, I get many of my houses from the MLS and online auctions, however I just bought one from a private seller which hasn’t happened in a while…. I noticed there is still a lot of competition in the marketplace when buying, but in my opinion they are paying to much. My philosophy is wait and buy the house for the right price, rather than jump in to a deal just to do a deal… If I can’t make $80k on a deal, I’ll pass…

Curious to know what other active real estate investors are doing right now and what trends they are starting to see, which should help the rest of us…Sorry for the long winded answer to the question of who we’d like to see as a guest on the show…

Thanks again for the updates!!!

I would like to hear from Mortgage Loan Analyst. How is a pre-application evaluated as well as full application.

Topic suggestion: Guidance/expertise on valuation of properties for wholesaling purposes (how-to DIY, sources of info/services etc).

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