The Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab: Session 1

Welcome to the FIRST ever session of the Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab!

In today’s session, you are joined with real estate investing expert and entrepreneur, Cameron Dunlap, and Real Estate Wealth Network’s Chief Marketing Officer, Josh Brown, to answer your most burning real estate questions.

If you missed the chance to send in your questions or ideas for this first session, please send them in for any future sessions by emailing them to!

Also…Post your comments on this video below!


Cameron Dunlap

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8 thoughts on “The Real Estate Wealth Network Strategy Lab: Session 1

This is Darryl and thanks for answering my questions and concerns. Strategy Lab is Golden! After watching this, I have reached a good pivoting point and drew my line in the sand. I will follow my heart. All the Q&A on this video had given me a new passion as a newbie. It’s such a peace of mind knowing I have the Cam family in my corner along with the other members who participate and asks the right questions. My gratitude goes out, for this lab and the ones in the future is a game changer. I am now excited, instead of fearful. God bless!

Thank You Very Much Cam and Josh for your time and information! You and the Company are truly class acts and I appreciate everything you do for US! And your Customer support is 2nd to none!

Wow your such a giver Cam thank you so much for being a voice of calm and reason during this season! I’ve struggled to be consistent in marketing my RE business the last 2 years . This current market shift is a perfect time for me to lean in and get after it. Keep up the great work

Very timely Cam & Josh. Did not realize that I had really slowed down considering the great tools available. It was a caring kick in the know what. Reminded me of Warren Buffet’s ..”Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”. Your contrarian point. Simple but not easy. Thanks gentlemen.

Great, informative and Uplifting comments.
Let’s go crush it.
Thanks for the sacrifice.

Hi Cameron and Josh,

You guys are a rare breed in this business. Everyone can have a program but its very few people that can teach a program. I my self have spent thousands of dollars on REI Courses and never ever got a good understanding on the How too aspect. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to have an opportunity to be apart of your family.
Sincerely Yours, Carla

thanks cam and josh great information im in tx and we are all shut down and didnt know what to do to keep thing going

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