Lender Resale Restrictions

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PS. Here’s a somewhat cleaned up transcription of the video.

Hello, Cam Dunlap here, for a white board exercise today. What I want to talk to you about is Bank Resale Restrictions. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of bank foreclosures out there now, and some lenders have been for a long time, and others are just experimenting, and some are moving away

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Deal Maker Club – Breaking Down $37,809 in Profits

I recently spoke with 3 clients who have been busy taking action and doing deals, and after we funded their most recent deals, I asked each of them to jump on a Deal Maker Call with me so we could break down:

– What’s working right now in today’s market!
– How they found their deals and got them sold fast!
– How the funding process worked and what you need to know!
– What roadblocks they encountered and how they got past them!
– And more!

Listen to Vivian, John and Marcia as they uncover

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Dodd Frank Act & FHA Guidelines

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Below is a video I just shot about how the Dodd Frank Act effects us as Real Estate Investors and also about how FHA’s new guidelines effectively mark the return of the sub-prime lending market.  After you’ve watched the video be sure to leave me a comment below. I want to know what you think about it.

To watch the webinar training where you’ll learn more about my no fee funding, go here.

To talk to a product specialist about upgrading your funding with us to No Fee Funding, call 607-936-2200.


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The Keys To Success

Are you in search of success?  Do you want to take your life and your business to the next level?

I spent a lot of time putting together what I believe have been the keys to my and many of my students success. Each one has a special place in my heart because I’ve used them all extensively. They’re not out of some book I read or stuff I plucked from air.  Each one, when

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