My Real Estate Bird Dog System (and how you can use it to leverage your time)

This is a gap that you can fill…

No matter how competitive your market is, there is un-ending supply of bargain deals waiting for you; when you know how to leverage Bird Dog Marketing.

What is a Bird Dog in Real Estate?

When a person goes hunting for fowl, they bring a dog with them to find and retrieve the bird when it lands.

In Real Estate, we call a “house hunter” or “property scout”, a “Bird Dog”. We want this house hunter to go out and find vacant houses when they “land”.

A Bird Dog is usually someone who does not understand Real Estate but either wants to learn or just needs some extra income.

By attracting these types of people into your business, you can train them to scout properties for you that are vacant and need work, so that you can spend more time making offers.

How to Find People Interested in Bird Dogging

When I enter a new market, I place an ad on Craigslist like this:

Ad to attract a Real Estate investor apprentice.

I send them to my Real Estate bird dog website hosted by my iFlip account so that I can automate the entire process.

This “House Hunter Needed” ad gets placed in the “Gigs” section of Craigs List or under “Help Wanted” in the classifieds.

Once they visit my bird dog jobs web site, they will have only 2 options… to join my email list and get more information… or leave.

Site on how to bird dog Real Estate.

This saves me time because it does a lot of the screening for me. If someone looking for work is asked for their email, they will think twice about giving it… and then I know that the person who elects to join, is more serious.

I also use this method to train these “property finders” as well…

Real Estate Bird Dog Training

After a potential bird dog joins my email list, the iFlip system automatically sends a message that teaches them everything they need to know, to find me high quality vacant houses that fit my criteria… without ever speaking to them.

This email teaches them how to spot a vacant house, how to assess the condition, how to estimate square footage, and what disqualifies a lead so they are not wasting their time (or mine).

iFlip Real Estate will also send them some follow-up emails which will keep them focused and on task in case they’ve lost motivation. These emails are built into iFlip but can be customized however you would like.

If you want to send more emails… iFlip can do that. If you want to change how often the emails get delivered… iFlip can do THAT. If you want to change the text, iFlip allows you to do that as well.

The real advantage to using a Real Estate scout is the time you will save… and when you combine them with technology… you save A LOT of time and do more deals!!!

How Much to Pay Bird Dogs

So your new bird dogs have received your automated email series, they know what to do, and they are getting excited… but in order for them to do the work, they want to know how much you will pay them.

The most common price per lead is anywhere from $5 to $15 depending on how much you want them to do, and what market you live in.

If you utilize my Vacant House Data Feed, you instantly reduce the amount of time and gas cost for the bird dog. With this automated software you can pull your latest set of leads, hand them off to your bird dog and ask them to take measurements, report on the condition of each house, and take some pics. I tend to pay them $10 for every lead they find me when I hand them a list of leads from the Vacant House Data Feed.

If you do not use, your property scouts will scour a territory that you designate to them.

They become investigators on a scavenger hunt… that is why I also like to call them “house hunters”. In this case, it requires more skill, time, and gas money… which is why I tend to pay them $15 for these types of leads.

You will notice that I also included a scenario where you would only pay $5 per lead…

Sometimes, I hear from students who get high quality leads as low as $5 each.

If there are fewer wholesalers in your market, you may be able to get it done for only $5 per lead, but I lean towards paying more because I have found that bird dogs come and go much more quickly if they don’t feel like they are making a good income.

How to Use Bird Dog Software to Save Time & Make More Money

This has been the biggest game changer for my business (and for my students) …

In the old days, you had to do everything manually.

Now you can locate bird dogs for free, train them using technology, and manage the whole process using software like iFlip Real Estate.

Using technology is like duplicating your efforts. You can have emails, websites, and a CRM managing the process for you.

I wish this was available to me when I was getting started…

When you are privy to inside information in your market that your competitors don’t have access to… YOU win!!!

And since you are here, you have access to my tools, which means you now have access to:

And a software system to manage it all.

And when a seller, buyer, private lender, or anyone else that is important to your business is difficult to find, you even have an inexpensive, rock-solid way to find their contact information (while your competitors give up).

Now What?

Now that you know how to find people looking to become a property locator, how to train them, and how much more money you will make by leveraging them… it’s time to get started.

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6 thoughts on “My Real Estate Bird Dog System (and how you can use it to leverage your time)

Hi Cameron, I currently have a fairly successful “bird dog” system in place. The problem I am having is keeping them motivated. Do you have any ideas to keep them on track.

Why would anyone want to earn $15 or less for working for a lead.
time, gas & effort?
i do not see the cash.

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