Announcing: “The Motivated Seller Data Feed” by Cameron Dunlap

Introducing a powerful new system that uses smart-technology to quickly identify up to 20 key motivational types… 

…and laser-target seller leads across the country like never before – without ever having to leave your desk!

December 2019 (eRelease) – Real Estate Wealth Network is very excited to announce the stand-alone release of our ground-breaking new system called the Motivated Seller Data Feed.

NOW AVAILABLE via monthly subscription – this powerful new system was developed by self-made real estate entrepreneur and real estate investing expert, Cameron Dunlap, and after two years of building, testing, tweaking and fine-tuning, he’s extremely excited & proud to share this ground-breaking technology for accessing millions of ultra-motivated sellers across the country which will allow it’s users to get more offers accepted and more deals done!

A few of the powerful tools & resources available inside The Motivated Seller Data Feed Include:

  • Access to over 5.7 million of the hottest motivated sellers across the country (20 different motivations, including vacant houses, bankruptcies, absentee owners and more)!

  • Intuitive Search Ability to allow you to search for motivated seller leads in either custom areas drawn by you, a simple radius tool or search by zip code or city/state! (This feature also allows you to be one of the FIRST people to know when a new lead hits the system, meaning you’re more likely to be the first person talking to sellers!)

  • Access to pre-MLS leads so that you’ll be able to find deals BEFORE they hit the MLS, giving you a massive advantage over your competition!

  • Automated, Built-in Marketing Tools to contact your leads instantly with the click of a button using proven, high-converting postcards, letters and yellow letters!

  • Innovative Heat Map technology that allows you to quickly get the pulse of any market across the country!

  • Unlimited Help Desk Support to answer any and ALL of your questions Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 8:00pm EST!

  • And more!

Review of the Motivated Seller Data Feed

Here’s a short video review of the Motivated Seller Data Feed and how it works…


To learn more about the Motivated Seller Data Feed, click here!

Motivated Seller Data Feed: Is It Worth It?

Without a doubt, this system gives investors the decisive advantage over their competition they need to find the BEST leads for their business and do more deals (in any market across the country). If you’re an investor and you’re looking for the ability to filter down to the most motivated seller leads, be the first to know when new leads pop up in your market and get a MASSIVE edge over your competition, then this is hands down the best source available.

Cameron’s software solutions and investor trainings are very unique to this industry and show a tremendous amount of thought and care for what his fellow real estate investors and entrepreneurs are going through, because he is one!  His trainings and systems have been tested and proven to work time and time again by not only himself, but by the thousands of students he’s helped over the years.

If you’re interested in getting started, struggling to see results in your business or want to significantly increase your profits, then we cannot recommend the Motivated Seller Data Feed enough. This system is truly a game-changer.

Interested in learning more about this system yourself? Click here to learn more now!

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