4 thoughts on “5 Vitally Important Factors That Exist In Every Good Investment Property

Knowing what they rent for and the vacancy is in the community. Knowing where your rental client comes from. It is a cool job . I like beach rentals . Why not do your job by the beach where it is fun……

Fell in love with an auction property because of updates and area. Come to find out we did not research the ARV enough and the spread was not even good enough to wholesale. I couldn’t even get a loan on it without paying 15%+ down. I think the property was cursed! Luckily I warned the bank multiple times to winterize the property and they failed to do so. 3 snowstorms later and pipes on both floors were busted and it was flooding EVERYWHERE! I told them to return my EMD or give me a better deal and they decided they would return EMD and resell. They later auctioned it to some other sucker(probably a buyer I advertised it to) for 5k more than I paid for it. I am sure they likely won’t close on it either though………

I’ve been saying that a house is like a used car. Establish minimum sale price. Deduct profit, cost to bring it to AMV. I know I oversimplifyl, But Years ago I read a training book for used car managers, put out by Nissan. The whole gist of the material? Buy low, sell high. Thanks for you continued notes. Now, all I need is capital!

Thank you Camreron. Great information

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