Deal Maker Interview – From “Shiny Object Syndrome” to $23,719.37 in 60 days!

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to jump on the phone and talk with successful clients where I can really dig into specifics of what they’re doing and how they’re using our services to create more wealth and do more deals.

The most recent Deal Maker Interview was with Barzel McKinney and it was fantastic!

Barzel is a client of ours who was a self-admitted shiny object seeker that used a few of our tools to focus on what’s important and get things done, which resulted in 3 deals over the past 60 days in the amount of …

Deal #1 – $7,837.77

Deal #2 – $8,054.67

Deal #3 – $7,826.93

…that’s $23,719.37 in profit in 60 days!

Click the play button below now to listen and learn from this powerful interview…

On this short, but powerful interview you’ll learn:

– How Barzel is able to target and focus on OFF MARKET properties with ease, tapping into the never-ending supply of opportunities available through the Vacant House Data Feed

– What he used to pull himself back from “getting distracted” by everything else out there and how he used that to automate and streamline his business (This is a real-life case study in avoiding the shiny object syndrome)

Plus, if you listen carefully to the last 60 seconds of Barzel’s interview, he drops a knowledge bomb on how he’s planning to stay focused and do more deals in 2018!

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Cam Dunlap

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2 thoughts on “Deal Maker Interview – From “Shiny Object Syndrome” to $23,719.37 in 60 days!

Great resentation! Right to the point and well organized! I appreciate the additional side comments made by you, too, Cameron as great pearls of wisdom! Well done. Suggestion for future interviews and blogs: it would be very instructive to give just one example of a previous deal done in consecutive step-by-step detail! Just a suggestion. Richard

Awesome Barzel! In your interview, I especially liked how you identified an issue that I also had when I started my investing career…that is, to chase every new program that came along, claiming to be the silver bullet (those are my terms). But when you zoned in and focused on the tools that you had right in front of you, the Vacant House Data Feed and the Cash Buyer Data Feed, your business took off (and will continue to take off!). 60 days and over $23K! Excellent. I’m inspired! Thanks for sharing.

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