Vacant House Gold: 5 Steps for Quickly Turning Abandoned Property into BIG Paychecks

My goal for today’s blog post is to begin to open your eyes to the beauty (and profits) that vacant houses have to offer. By following the tips and advice that I’m about to lay out for you in a mini-series of posts, you’ll be able to turn abandoned property (which are everywhere around you) into BIG paychecks–easily and quickly: without funding, repairs, headaches or hassles.

I know what you’re thinking, – ‘Yeah right Cam, that’s impossible!’ Well, it is possible, and I’m going to show you how. I’ve been doing this for years (too many to count at this point) and I’m speaking from all those years of experience

If you follow my lead and flip just one abandoned property a month, there is a very real chance that you’ll easily cover your income needs. Two deals a month? You can start living a very comfortable life. How about 5 or 10 deals a month? Well, you’ll be rich (and that’s the beauty of real estate!)….

It’s up to YOU to figure out how many deals that you want based on your needs.

Maybe you like your job and investing is a hobby, so one deal a month is suitable for supplementing your income. Maybe your goal is to quit your J.O.B., or maybe you want to become wildly wealthy through Real Estate.

Whatever your overall goal might be, any and all of those goals can be met by focusing on abandoned property or vacant house deals if you choose.

I am really excited to share this information with you, so you too, can see the power and effect vacant houses can have on your life. We’ll first focus on some basic fundamentals, before going step-by-step into my vacant house flipping process.

First things first…

Why Focusing on Abandoned Property is a MUST!

Some of the best deals come from vacant houses without ‘For Sale’ signs.

And as I mentioned, these can be some of the most profitable deals that you ever do as an investor. The reason for that is because of the lack of competition. You see, most of your competition will see vacant houses and run for the hills. This is because they don’t know how to find the owners (but we do), which enables you to do more vacant house deals and ultimately bring in more paychecks.

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the types of available properties to better explain my point:

  • MLS
  • FSBO
  • Vacant

Of course, as you know, there’s tons of active inventory on the huge MLS database, where Realtors list properties. And Since the MLS is available to every licensed real estate agent – that means it’s also available to every client they have as well. What’s more – there’s very heavy marketing for MLS properties.

And where there’s loads of inventory and marketing, there’s loads of competition. (See where I’m going with this?)

Then there are For Sale By Owner properties: FSBO.

Depending on how well the homeowner is marketing their house, those properties are typically not as available to everyone because of the lack of advertising. So there is a smaller audience with FSBOs, but still enough of an audience to generate significant competition.

After all, there is a big ‘ole FSBO sign in the front yard! And word of mouth, too.

Finding abandoned property is easy with this tool.

Here we are… we’ve come to our pot of gold – Vacant houses or abandoned property without a for sale sign. And let’s face it, hardly anyone knows about these because there’s typically no marketing for them.

So… some inventory with very little (if any) marketing – means there’s significantly less competition.

use this tool to do a free abandoned property searchAnd this is exactly where your opportunity lies with vacant houses. See, the competition is checking out the entire inventory on the MLS and FSBOs – and here you are, all by your lonesome scooping up the vacant houses.

Let me put it this way – as vacant home investors, we’re contrarian thinkers. The sheep are heading to the low-hanging fruit, while we head in the opposite direction.

You know what else I love about this abandoned property strategy? It works in any kind of market. Vacant and abandoned houses are everywhere! In fact, you can use this free search tool, to see EXACTLY how many vacant houses are in your backyard by clicking here now!

*Pro Tip: Remember… vacancy is fluid. A property that was vacant yesterday could be filled today. And a property that is occupied today, could go vacant tomorrow. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at properties that you find in the system.

And keep this in mind too: As a rule, the harder the seller is to find, the more profitable the deal.

Why is that?

Well, think about it this way… the easier sellers are to find, the more likely it is that other investors will go after those same easy-to-find deals.

If it’s harder to locate the seller, fewer investors will even try to find them, which means less competition, and remember, less competition means more opportunity (and more profit) for you.

“But Cam, what about funding?”

I want to mention something very important here that you may be wondering about: funding.

If you’re flipping the abandoned property to another investor – where are the funds coming from? Are you expected to bring your own cash or use your credit? What if you don’t have any capital?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that none of that matters. You are not going to need funds on any of these deals – there are no banks involved, no hard money lenders, no private lenders…

All you need is between $10-$100 earnest money deposit. That’s it. No, really – that’s it. That is the most you’ll risk on any one deal. I’ll explain how that’s possible in an upcoming post.

Until then… here’s another impressive reason why I love vacant properties – as if I haven’t given you enough great reasons already?!

We are not fixing these houses. No rehabbing, no contractors, no materials – none of it. We are leaving the house as is. It is possible. My students and I do it all of the time. (I’ll explain it all as we go through my 5 steps for vacant houses deals).

Steady Cash Income Headed Your Way

These are the 5 steps that you can easily follow to bring in steady cash from abandoned property.

#1. Spot or Locate the Vacant Houses

#2. Find the Seller

#3. Strike a Deal with the Seller

#4. Flip the House to Another Investor

#5. Repeat 🙂

Not so bad, right?

And don’t worry, as we progress through this mini-series, we will be covering each of these steps in great detail. But first, I wanted you to see what the 5 steps are, so that you can begin to fully wrap your head around all of the concepts that we’ll soon be covering.

Once you fully understand this process, you’ll then be able to repeat it over and over again, creating steady cash income for yourself… And that is a beautiful thing.

Soooo Much More To Come…

Even with just this basic foundational information, I bet you’re thinking that abandoned property deals are a winner. You’re having an ‘aha moment.’ I’m going to say it now – I told you so. ☺

In my next post, I’ll cover – in detail – the first of those 5 steps to steady cash income: finding those gold mines disguised as vacant or abandoned houses.

I’m not leaving anything out – this will be a comprehensive guide providing you with the information that you will need to begin investing in abandoned property – now.

Click here now to search your area and see just how many vacant house deals there are RIGHT NOW – you’ll be shocked!

Or if you have any questions or comments on the basics of profiting on abandoned property, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I personally monitor and respond to them.

Best Regards,

Cameron Dunlap

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8 thoughts on “Vacant House Gold: 5 Steps for Quickly Turning Abandoned Property into BIG Paychecks

Ok I’m sold on this. Just so you know I’m a hard working man and want to know how to do this with no money or credit.

Cam, out of the 10 addresses I had gotten, the site and current resident address were all the same for 5 of them. If the house is abandon shouldn’t the addresses be different, or is that because there is a delay in the reporting of the owners new residence?

What you’ve got there Donovan is a “matching address”. You can use the filters to look at those specifically. What a matching address generally indicates is that the owner has (fairly) recently moved out of the house and has not updated their address with the tax assessor and if you’re not seeing an NCOA on the detail page, they’ve not updated it with the Postal Service either. Not in every case but this typically indicates that the seller’s situation has changed, pretty dramatically, pretty recently which in my mind likely also indicates motivation.

I actually filter matching address vacant houses and target them specifically for this and another big reason… most investors see it as a dead end. After all, the addresses match so where do you go from there?? The answer to that is SKIP TRACE! The skip trace is how you find missing owners when your competitors either don’t bother to look deeper, or don’t know how to look deeper, and you do! Check the top right of the detail page where we have integrated our Skip Trace Service from

So to sum it up, I favor matching address properties because one thing I’ve found to be true again and again, during more than 2 decades of investing, is that the harder the seller is to find, the better the deal.

Hi Cameron, How’s it going? Question is… if my exit strategy is to flip the vacant house to another investor, does the area or neighborhood you buy in matter and why? (should you stay out of bad areas of town?)

Very informative and exciting. Thanks Cam for this first blog. I am all fired up and ready to embrace the program. Thanks again for this eye-opener

Cam, what contract should I use with the seller flipping this way?

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