Small Town vs Big City: What’s The Right Real Estate Investor Marketing Strategy for Your Area?

Real estate investor marketing in small towns is SO underrated…

Small town investors come to me often…and they are FILLED with questions about how to market in these areas.

“Cam, will real estate investing work in my rural area?”

I gotta say, it’s a fair question.

The vast majority of marketing strategies we tend to see are aimed toward the “big city” metropolitan centers. However, I’m about to share with you some MAJOR ADVANTAGES of working in small towns that just might be your key to success in these areas. Let’s dig into those advantages…


If you yourself are from a rural area, let me guess…you know half the town, all your neighbors, every best and worst place to eat AND the quickest route to get to almost anywhere in the area?

This is one of the BEST things about being from a small town: knowledge of the area.

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