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This course will teach you how to get Real Estate Agents doing what you want, when you want, and bringing you the best deals in town. Just think what that could do for your business. Without a doubt, the right Realtors can take you to the next level. When you understand the system and how to work it, you will crush your so called competition. And, when you understand how to be loyal to them and see to it that they get paid as often as possible, you will have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Once you have this process down, they will be working hard FOR YOU and your business.

Most investors try to negotiate with Real Estate Agents and chisel their commissions down, and all the while thinking that they are saving money. In reality doing this only dis-incents, de-motivates, and drives them away. In this course you will learn how to get them so motivated to bring you the best deals in town, they won't be able to sit still. When you know how, it's easy.

Have you ever been discouraged by a Realtor? Has a Realtor ever told you they don't want to work with you? It's not unusual for us to be discouraged by Real Estate Agents and have difficulty finding the right one(s) that will work with us. In this course you will learn how to overcome the negativity get them totally motivated and happy to jump through hoops for you. It's all in your approach and your understanding of how to push their hot buttons. 95% of all Real Estate Investors have no clue how to do this. Now you will.

This subject is one you can't afford to overlook. It is too important.

Here's a sampling of the awesome strategies you will learn from this course:

Why we need Agents to help us build our business and beat our competition

The nuances of how Agents are compensated

Agency relationships, how do they work and what paperwork is involved

The power of expired listings and how to get them from your Agent

How to be loyal and make them know you are so they will do almost anything for you

How to work with more than one Agent and in a way that doesn't upset the balance

How to get Agents on your team and get them producing for you – big time

How to get the most out of them when you sell

How to get them referring their non-qualifying buyers to you

How to overcome their biases and negativity and get moving

Your System Includes:

  • This system consists of a digital audio training.

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