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Every day your house(s) sit on the market un-sold, it is costing you a small fortune by rapidly eroding your success on the deal. This fact makes selling your houses as fast as possible a vital part of the success of your Real Estate Business. When you learn the techniques contained in this system you will sell your houses faster and with less effort as a result.

“Sell Fast – Make More” by Cameron Dunlap

The system contains an in-depth discussion of tons of extremely powerful techniques to use when you are selling your houses. Whether you are selling houses for all cash or on terms, you will learn how to do it in less time with less effort. For some, selling houses is an intimidating part of the business. In this system I will help make you comfortable by sharing the strategies you need to sell your houses like a seasoned pro. At last you will do what the title implies… "Sell Fast - Make More"!

In this system, you’ll discover:

Why it is so important to buy based on your pre-determined exit strategy

The limitations we face when selling for all cash and how to recognize them

How to use down payment grants to sell fast and for top dollar

How to carry back a mortgage and flip it at closing

How to truly get Agents on your team and producing big time

Why selling on terms can solve any problem a house may have

How to attract the right buyers when we sell on terms

A 4-step selling method that will prevent procrastination

Why Fee Listings will be a powerful tool in your arsenal

Your System Includes:

  • This system consists of 2 audio CD’s

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