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It's not the least bit unusual for me to hear from lots and lots of people that the most intimidating part of the business is the agreements. Well if you are one who desires clarification and further explanation then this system is for you.

Have you ever had an agreement in front of you and had no idea what to put in a particular blank? You read the line before and you read the line after and you still dont know what goes in that bankity blank. If this is the case then this course is for you. If you would just like an in depth line-by-line explanation or the Purchase & Sale Agreement then this system is for you!

"The Purchase & Sale Agreement Line-by-Line Buying & Selling Junkers" by: Cameron Dunlap

This system will teach you how to understand the agreement as it pertains to buying and selling junkers. I have taken the time (2 1/2 hours) to go through it line-by-line. It (like the others) was recorded in front of a live audience so you get the benefit of the questions and answers that come from that environment which will also help to clarify each paragraph for you.

I remember when I was new to the business, and frankly for a long time after that, I was intimidated by the paperwork and through trial and error I eventually figured it out. Now you don't have to go through that. I have taken all my experience and rolled it into this system so you can flatten the learning curve and finally get it – once and for all.

Have you ever passed on a deal because you weren't quite confident enough to put it in writing? Have you ever felt embarrassed in front of a Realtor because you didn't better understand the contract and didn't want to admit it for fear that you would appear to be a neophyte? The 2 biggest mistakes you could make would be to pass on a good deal for this reason or worse to sign a contract you didn't fully understand. Well NO MORE!! Now you can here the most in depth explanation I know of. And if you know me you know I really have a knack for explaining this business in terms you can understand.

In this system, you'll discover:

What goes in each blank and why

The importance of timing all the elements of the agreement

How you can make any changes you deem necessary

That everything you learn in this training is transferable to any Purchase and Sale Agreement in any state or with any Realtor

The power of the "Personal Property" clause

The importance of the Occupancy issue

What "Wood Destroying Organism" really means

How to fill it out whether we are buying or selling

How to use the Affidavit to protect yourself

Fully revised, corrected, and re-formatted versions of the Purchase & Sale Agreement and Affidavit are included on disk

Your System Includes:

  • This system consists of 3 audio CD's

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