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Your "Financial Calculator" is a complete system for every Real Estate Investor who is wanting to finally crack the code and develop "Numbers Mastery", the life long skill that is essential to achieving TRUE SUCCESS. Being in real estate without a financial calculator is like being a carpenter without a hammer. If you own one and know how to use it, you know exactly what I mean. If you don't own one or don't know how to use the one you have, you need to read on.

With this comprehensive, multi-media training system, you will learn which buttons on a Financial Calculator to push and in which order to push them. You will also learn, and perhaps most important, how the numbers work in a Real Estate transaction. For many, the numbers in Real Estate can be intimidating. Armed with the knowledge this training will provide you, the numbers will be clear to you and will also be a big part of your negotiating power! In addition, knowing the numbers will make you a much more creative problem solver. This means more real estate deals done!

Here is what one student had to say:

"I bought Cam's financial calculator training program some time ago, and am so glad I did! Math has never been my forte and, before going through the training, I had no clue how to work a financial calculator. Cam makes it so easy and simple to understand that even an 8 year old could do it."

It's also much better than any calculator manual you could read because Cam not only shows you how to work the advanced features, he also teaches you a few tricks you can use to negotiate good deals when buying mortgages or using owner financing. It's great, you cant go wrong!!"

~Eduardo G., Santa Monica, CA

The following are 7 benefits you'll gain by using this system.

You'll fully understand how the numbers work in Real Estate transactions. This skill WILL give you the confidence you need to succeed.

You'll negotiate with any seller like a true professional and create win/win deals that get accepted. You'll be a creative deal making machine!

You'll seek private financing with confidence and greatly increase your chances of finding it! Private financing is the fast track way to a low risk fortune in real estate.

You'll correctly determine the term, rate, payment or principal amount of any mortgage and be absolutely accurate, to the penny! Squash the "Fear Factor" forever.

You'll correctly determine the remaining balance of any mortgage. This skill will save you an enormous amount of wasted time!

You'll keep yourself from being "taken" the next time you buy a car, boat or anything you make payments on. You'll have the upper hand as the "Educated Consumer".

You'll sell your properties on terms instead of all cash, which is the fastest and most profitable way to sell and you'll do it confidently and accurately.

Your System Includes:

YOUR COST = $149*

  • Brand New, 4-Volume "The Professional Real Estate Investor's Power Tool" training program to teach you EXACTLY how to use a Financial Calculator and gain confidence in the offers you make!
  • Special 45-pg. digital manual written by Cameron Dunlap. Plus, a cheat sheet at the end so you always have a quick, easy-to-use reference!

If you are not completely satisfied with your investment,
return it within 30 days for a 100% refund.

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