Real Estate Wealth Network

Virtual Wholesaling Mastery Application

How long have you been active in the real estate business? 

What are the 3 biggest thing that you want to do for yourself or your family that you can't do right now? 

Are you on track to accomplishing any of the 3 things above? 

What about Real Estate investing excites you? What do you love about it? 

What are the 3 biggest strengths/assets you feel you bring to your Real Estate investing business (i.e. time, energy, focus, money, attitude, specific skills, etc.)? 

What are your areas of "weakness" in your real estate investing business (i.e. what do you need the most help with/doing)? 

What are you hoping that your real estate business will do for you and your family? Put another way, what is your big "Why"? Why are you doing this? 

Do you believe with the right support you could generate $30,000 in the next 90 days in real estate? If no, why not? If Yes…What will you do with that money? 

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