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Why Does This Man Want To Lend You $600,000 For Your Next Real Estate Deal?

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Using Private Lenders To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Gain Access to 100's of MILLIONS to Fund Your Real Estate Empire

Every successful real estate investor I know has used these funds to amass their fortunes. I'm writing you today to show you how you can access unlimited funds to scale and grow your real estate portfolio.

...and you can fund any type of deal with this money!

Need money to build a single family rental property portfolio? Or... how about a line of credit to buy and repair a home so you can sell for a big cash payday?

Maybe you'd like to buy a multifamily apartment complex... Or... you'd like to buy undeveloped land for new construction.

When you join me below, you can fund any type of real estate transaction...any time you want.

The best part is... You don't need credit or a huge nest egg to gain access to these funds. In fact, You don't need any money at all.

There's an army of hungry folks looking to invest in your real estate deals (even if they don't know it yet). Why? Real Estate is one of the safest and most profitable places to invest cash. For every startup like Uber that "makes it", there's 9 others that fail.

Smart money, rather, will devote 80% of their portfolio to a tried and true strategy like real estate more than any other investment vehicle.

This means there's a hidden mountain of cash waiting for you and your deals out there.

Until TODAY, I've never fully shared the step-by-step process I use to find, work with and profit from using private lenders in my business.

After years and years of students clamoring for me to create something that they could easily follow to replicate my success, I've created a brand new training that'll absolutely transform your investing business.

This training is a MUST for every investor who's serious about building massive wealth through real estate and, frankly, it's necessary for both new and experienced investors alike.

Interest rates are lower than ever. Millions of Private Lenders need you to help them earn a better return on their money NOW!

This brand new training is a simple "no fluff" and all "meat" training designed to get you comfortable and profitable with private lenders in the fastest time possible.

I specifically designed this training so that you could complete it in just a few hours and easily implement the strategies inside and start seeing results fast.

Here's just some of what you'll learn inside this brand new training...

  • How to get the necessary funding you need for all types of deals (without dealing with banks, needing credit checks or miles of red tape)
  • How to leverage private lenders to grow your business fast and build long-term wealth
  • How to find private lenders that are dying to lend you money (I'll show you 5 proven ways to tap into them immediately)
  • What you need to DO and SAY so that you can easily build a strong and long lasting relationship with your private lenders
  • How to find deals that are PERFECT for a private lender and present it in a way that has them saying "YES" when you offer them the ability to get involved
  • How to structure deals with private lenders (long term and short term, equity deals and more)
  • Gain complete confidence in the "numbers" involved in working with private lenders (determine the right loan to value, interest rates, term length and fees)
  • Understanding the documentation necessary for every deal and why you should ALWAYS use an attorney to protect yourself and your lenders
  • How to become the private lender yourself and build wealth fast
  • A few MASSIVE mistakes you must avoid so that you can protect yourself and avoid wasting unnecessary time, money and energy
  • How to hold or flip "seller carry back mortgages" for quick cash or long-term wealth accumulation (I'll even show you how to find these deals with the click of a few buttons)
  • And more!

Yours Today For Only $197 $97

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Plus, When You Get Started Today, You'll Also Get...

SEC Compliance

Bonus #1 - SEC Compliance Manual

Avoid breaking the rules with the SEC Compliance Manual - It's important to know the rules and regulations regarding the SEC when dealing with private lenders. That's why, when you get started today, you'll get access to the SEC Compliance manual which spells out all the details you need to know when it comes to private lenders!

...this manual alone could save you from making a BIG mistake.

You'd have to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars or more for something like this, but today it's yours free.

Value: $149
Conservation Guide

Bonus #2 - Private Lender Conversation Guide

One of the biggest fears about using private lenders for most people is contacting and talking to them...not anymore!

I'm going to give you a private lender conversation guide, which is easy to follow for every level of investor and allows you to engage potential lenders in easy flowing conversation designed to build trust and rapport so they want to work with you.

Value: $99
LIVE Meeting Kit

Bonus #3 - Private Lender LIVE Meeting Kit

One idea that we have embraced over the years and complies with the SEC rules and guidelines is to request a one-on-one meeting or group meeting/luncheon to discuss the benefits of being a private lender.

This strategy is less intimidating than you'd think and works rather well which is why I am giving you my own private lender meeting checklist, group and one-on-one invitation templates to use as your own.

Value: $99 x 3 = $297
Carry Back Machine

Bonus #4 - The Seller Carry Back Machine

Flipping Seller Carry Mortgages for Cash Profits - Dive into this one-on-one interview with one of my top students who is using this process and our tools to identify sellers who carried back a mortgage when they sold a house, buying them at a discount and then instantly re-selling to national corporate mortgage buyers for fast cash profits.

...This creative strategy is profitable and simple and, with what you'll learn in this training you can put this strategy into hyper-drive.

Value: $199

Use This $600,000 Private Lender Certificate To Fund Your Next Deal!

Yes, I will be your first or next private lender!

When you get started today you’ll get instant access to a $600,000 private lending certificate that you can use on any wholesale/transactional funding deal for the next 6 months. This certificate allows you to use my money to get your first or next deal done without credit checks, miles of red tape and without paying ANY fees, points or interest and best of all YOU keep all the profits!

This is your instant game changer.


Yours Today For Only $197 $97

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Deals I've Funded Recently...

I've collected so much proof from students over the years, because I was the lender on the deal, that I could fill an entire Brinks truck in the form of real hud statements from our students. You can see a tiny fraction of them above and I've shared even more further below.

Here's Everything You'll Get Today...

Private Lender Training Image
  • The "Using Private Lenders To Grow Your Real Estate Business" Digital Video Training ($397 value)
  • Bonus #1: The SEC Compliance Manual (Value: $149)
  • Bonus #2: The Private Lender Conversation Guide (Value: $99)
  • Bonus #3: The Private Lender LIVE Meeting Kit (Value: $297)
  • Bonus #4: The Seller Carry Back Machine Interview (Value: $199)
  • $600,000 Private Lender Certificate to fund your next deal! (PRICELESS)

A Total Value of $1,141.00

Yours Today For Only $197 $97

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Interest Rates Are Lower Than EVER, Which Means MILLIONS of People Need YOU Now!

It's true.

Interests rates are at all-time lows.

The stock market is being puffed up and about to crash (which has many average folks looking for a safer place to put their money).

...that's why you need to get this training and learn how you can help others earn a decent return on their money while giving yourself all the money you'll ever need to do your real estate deals.

Grab your copy now and save $100 today!

I'll see you on the inside.


Cam Signature

Cam Dunlap
CEO, Real Estate Wealth Network

Serge Lalonde

"We finally closed on the refinancing for my rental property with the private lender. I refinanced from 12% down to 6% (with 2 points upfront) at 65% LTV and was able to pull out a cool $46,885.16 in equity. That will help to do more deals!"

Serge Lalonde,
Quebec, Canada

Jim Zaspel

"I just found a new private lender willing to invest $200,000... to START! He said that once we do our first deal he’ll have more for me. I got the money at a good rate and he’s willing to do longer-term financing for my lease options!"

Jim Zaspel,
Fort Washington, PA

Here's More Hud Statements From Student Deals Where I Was The Lender on The Deal...

(These are LEGAL documents and personal information has been redacted)