Focus is not Hocus Pocus!

Do you know how important it is for you to be focused if you want to be successful? Most people don’t. Most people are incapable of real focus and then wonder why they aren’t successful at anything they attempt in business.

If you have trouble keeping your head down and focusing on your business and are aware of it, you’re halfway to the solution. If you were not aware of the importance, my hope is that this article will provide that awareness. Either way my hope is that this article will help you build a bigger more successful business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, at heart or in practice, you probably have the same issue I have which is that I cannot get through a day without seeing a very interesting business opportunity. You know, where you’re going about your day and spot a “problem” that you could solve or a

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Lender Resale Restrictions

After you’ve had a chance to watch the video, please let me know what you’re thinking by posting a comment below.


PS. Here’s a somewhat cleaned up transcription of the video.

Hello, Cam Dunlap here, for a white board exercise today. What I want to talk to you about is Bank Resale Restrictions. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of bank foreclosures out there now, and some lenders have been for a long time, and others are just experimenting, and some are moving away from the concept of ” lender-resale restrictions”. What is common in the marketplace are 30- Day, then we’ve got 45-Day restrictions, in particular, on some short sales, I’m now seeing an occasional 60-Day, and in some cases even 90-Days. We’re going to talk about these restrictions, and we’re going to

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Dodd Frank Act & FHA Guidelines

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Below is a video I just shot about how the Dodd Frank Act effects us as Real Estate Investors and also about how FHA’s new guidelines effectively mark the return of the sub-prime lending market.  After you’ve watched the video be sure to leave me a comment below. I want to know what you think about it.

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Dream Stealers Stink!

I’m seriously ticked off.

Here’s why:

I had a conversation yesterday with a fellow named Anthony. He explained to me how up until very recently, he really wanted to get into the Real Estate business and take advantage of the unique opportunity we have. In particular he wanted to get into foreclosures. Who could blame him for being excited?

He went on to tell me about a conversation he just recently had with an agent who, in a very short period of time, utterly convinced him that there was NO WAY he could make money on foreclosures. The Realtor was knowingly or unknowingly stealing Anthony’s dream. The Realtor went on to say, that because she has ‘been in the business for 15 years’ she is an expert and that he would be wise to heed her warning. Sadly, Anthony let her scare him into believing her.

Would you?

If you

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