Vacant House Gold: How To Spot Vacant Houses FAST

As you may know, I love vacant house deals, and that is simply because they are disguised gold mines. In my previous post, I covered the fundamentals of vacant houses. But today is a continuation with more detailed info–a lot more.

In my informative post about the basics of vacant homes or abandoned property, I talked about why they have less competition than MLS and FSBO properties – and how that translates into endless opportunities that can ultimately be some of the most profitable deals you’ll ever do as an investor. We also touched on why you don’t need to personally

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My Real Estate Bird Dog System (and how you can use it to leverage your time)

This is a gap that you can fill…

No matter how competitive your market is, there is un-ending supply of bargain deals waiting for you; when you know how to leverage Bird Dog Marketing.

What is a Bird Dog in Real Estate?

When a person goes hunting for fowl, they bring a dog with them to find and retrieve the bird when it lands.

In Real Estate, we call a “house hunter” or “property scout”, a “Bird Dog”. We want this house hunter to go out and find vacant houses when they “land”.

A Bird Dog is usually

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